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A lot of people would be surprised to know that my favourite landscapes are deserts and canyons. Therefore, I was in my element on the road trip from Vegas to the Grand Canyon, via Route 66. I screamed when I saw an old west style saloon and even swear that I spotted some tumble weed. I also sp


‘Any outfit can be made fabulous, if you add knee length boots and sunglasses.’ It’s true. Once, back in my university days, my bestie and I had a bit of a bad day. Whenever we experienced one of these bad days, at university, one of us would hop off to the shop on a cookie, ice-cream and


Style File: Girly Moment ‘It’s okay to embrace your feminity and have moments of pure girliness’       I am a girly girl and proud of it! I love pastels, patterns and feminine shapes. Yet, whenever I seem to admit that I like the colour pink, eight times out of ten this is met with st


Style File: Layered Look ‘Add a bold coloured shirt under a plain dress to make an outfit that pops.’ I love to always have a brightly coloured piece within my outfits. I remember this one non-uniform day, when I was at school. I decided to wear these canary yellow kiddie stilettos. Th