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Monday, 27 February 2017

Pink Fashion Trend Spring 2017 - Wishlist Zaful

The Pink Spring Edit

"Pink is the colour to be seen in this spring, find some of the hottest items bellow to kick start your spring closet."

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 1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 | 6

Tuesday, 14 February 2017

Fashion & Advice: Valentine's Day Ideas & activities

Valentine's Day Ideas

"Get some Valentine's Day inspiration, from the list of my favourite things to do on this special day by Rosa Fairfield"

Happy Valentine's Day everyone! I had my Valentine's Day perfectly planned out full of lots of novelty themed goodness. I will now be spending today lying in bed ill, joy to the world. 

Here are some images of me from two weekends ago and a list of my favourite Valentine's Day things. I hope your day is going better than mine.  

Favourite Films
La La Land
Love Never Dies 
Moulin Rouge 
Breakfast at Tiffany's
Brief Encounter 


Things to do 
Baths with candles and roses
Swaying to 50s jazz music
Eating food on a super pretty makeshift floor table and cushions 
Switching on fairy lights in a dark room
Letting some cute sky lanterns off up in the air
A trail of rose petals


Monday, 6 February 2017

Fashion: Valentine's Day outfit idea

What to wear on Valentine's Day?

It doesn't matter if your celebrating from your gal pals or prince charming... find out what you should be wearing this Valentine's Day, by Rosa Fairfield

Lovely Lace 
I love wearing lace, it's delicate and feminine. If lace dresses aren't your thing, why not try a lace top with a different texture on the bottom. It's something you can dress-up - with a full length skirt - or dress down with a pair of jeans, depending on how you're thinking of spending your day.

Delicate Tulle
This is another of my feminine favourites. It has a romantic vibe but you can make it look edgy by adding a pair of sneakers/trainers and a tee.

Blush & Pale Pink
A great alternative to red and it has a softer, classic feel. Mix pale pink with white to break up the outfit... or even try pink shoes for something a little different. 

Red & Pink
This colour combination is really starting to grow on me, and it just screams Valentine's Day. Pale pinks look great with crimson reds. You can wear block colours with different pieces or try working a pattern.

Fun Heart Prints
This one is a teaser for my next post. We all know I love prints and what better time of year is there for a girly novelty print? From dresses with hearts on to shoes with lipstick patterns - there are some creative pieces out their.

Glamorous Silk
Silk dresses are a great choice if you're going out to a fancy restaurant for the evening - very classic, hollywood glamour. Add some strap sandals, a simple necklace and style your your hair in finger waves to complete the look.

* Whilst I was having my pictures took here, a little boy walked past and said: "Mom, look, it's a princess." That comment made my day. 



Wednesday, 1 February 2017

Fashion: My Grammys Outfit/ Hollywood Stylist Challenge

Hollywood Stylist Challenge: The Grammys

"Find out what would happen, if I were to attend this year's Grammys, by Rosa Fairfield"

Well, obviously, the most important thing about any awards event is what you wear, (not the actual awards of course). I'd wear a dress and it would either be something Valentino or I would design it myself. I love the idea of wearing a long red gown as it's very old Hollywood glamour, along with the finger waves. My bag would be Gucci, (not a clutch because I like to carry way too much stuff around with me). Then I would wear shoes from my favourite designer: Manolo Blahnik - how could I wear anything else.

Would I want to arrive in a limousine? No, that's way too overdone. I'd want to turn up in a vintage American car, in a lovely blush colour to match my colour scheme... or maybe a red vintage mini? I'd also want to drive it myself because I think that would be pretty badass. 

I would want young Hugh Grant (Notting Hill era) to be my plus one for the evening. All floppy hair and bumbling British charm. Okay... so you're probably thinking that's a bit of a difficult one to achieve... unless I build a time machine. Well, as a last resort, i'd take one of those giant cardboard cut-outs, stranger things have probably happened at the Grammys. He would be dressed in this stylish BOSS suit, with an undone bow tie, James Bond style. He could also wear an Air Crew Neck Undershirt.