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Fashion: My Grammys Outfit/ Hollywood Stylist Challenge

Hollywood Stylist Challenge: The Grammys

"Find out what would happen, if I were to attend this year's Grammys, by Rosa Fairfield"

Well, obviously, the most important thing about any awards event is what you wear, (not the actual awards of course). I'd wear a dress and it would either be something Valentino or I would design it myself. I love the idea of wearing a long red gown as it's very old Hollywood glamour, along with the finger waves. My bag would be Gucci, (not a clutch because I like to carry way too much stuff around with me). Then I would wear shoes from my favourite designer: Manolo Blahnik - how could I wear anything else.

Would I want to arrive in a limousine? No, that's way too overdone. I'd want to turn up in a vintage American car, in a lovely blush colour to match my colour scheme... or maybe a red vintage mini? I'd also want to drive it myself because I think that would be pretty badass. 

I would want young Hugh Grant (Notting Hill era) to be my plus one for the evening. All floppy hair and bumbling British charm. Okay... so you're probably thinking that's a bit of a difficult one to achieve... unless I build a time machine. Well, as a last resort, i'd take one of those giant cardboard cut-outs, stranger things have probably happened at the Grammys. He would be dressed in this stylish BOSS suit, with an undone bow tie, James Bond style. He could also wear an Air Crew Neck Undershirt.