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Sunday, 18 June 2017

Fashion: 5 Summer Beachwear alternatives for the swimsuit

5 beachwear alternatives for the swimsuit

"From cover-ups to swimsuit alternatives, here are some outfit ideas if you want to head to the beach but show a little less skin this summer, by Rosa Fairfield."

Photographs by Linda Smith

The boho dress

A loose fitting, floaty cut-out dress is a perfect swimsuit alternative for the beach, if you want to be a little bit more covered up. Its a great lazy girls outfit as it looks good with minimal styling - with no accessories and beach waves.

The bathing beauty

This is a look for vintage lovers. I'm thinking of the musical 'Love Never Dies'. With the cute little swim-costume with the skirt or shorts on the bottom. Great if you want to be a little more covered up or if you are looking for a super cute over-up.

The sailor vibe

When I think seaside, I think blue and white stripes. It could be anything, shorts, a dress or a t-shirt. This looks is great for sea-side walks. If you plan to stop in at the beach after a long day of site-seeing. Also, if you lack confidence around the bottom and thigh areas, these shorts are a great choice.

The knotted tee

This is a great way to cover-up your bikini. Simply slip on a t-shirt and tie it at your waist, you can secure it with a hair tie, which creates a casual beach-babe look. You can also purchase pre-tied t-shirts if you are not skilled in the styling department.

The sarong dress

There are so many ways to style this, which makes this lots of fun. I literally just buy lots of big scarfs and tie them in different ways. It's great because there are so many different scarfs with fun prints. This is another great swimsuit coverup, for when you are walking to and from the beach. Also, one of my favourite options because they are so easy to slip on and off.

All items from Zaful - see their new range of floral party dresses here

Friday, 16 June 2017

Fashion Photography: Two-Piece Coloured Patterned Skirt and Top

The statement two-piece

Looking for a cute new summer outfit? This colourful-patterned two-piece could be what you're looking for, by Rosa Fairfield

Why I love VIPme

I love VIPme (I really do) because they offer a great selection of unique statement pieces, which are great value for money. My parcels always arrive quickly. The clothing is high quality made from fabric which feels comfortable to wear.

  • You can browse clothing based on designer
  • Easy to navigate and modern/stylish website
  • Good quality pictures of the items (which are true to what they look like) 
  • I find VIPme clothing normally fits my dress size
  • Designs tend to have a feminine whimsical feel

Usually, when I order the smallest size in UK sizes it is too big on my waist and top half because of my petite frame but their sizes tend to come up smaller, which I like.

… but if you don’t have the above problem, like me, I’d recommend ordering a size bigger. As a blogger, they have always been a great brand to work with, very professional and I haven’t so far had any problems with them.

About the two-piece

I love two-piece sets; they match and look great together but you can also change them up with different pieces.

The skirt has a woven design with thick stitched tread. It looks and feels like high quality, like it would be difficult to break, especially, if you are super clumsy like me.

The shirt has a Mediterranean vibe, with embroidered detail of butterflies, birds and flowers to compliment the skirt. It also has white lace around the collar and white embroidered detail on the sleeves. It has a mandarin colour, with buttons down half of the front, making it easier to get on and off and a shirt sleeves have a small cuff and button to secure it.

It is in line with current trends and well-made, with a lovely mix of colours and pattern, which make you stand out from a crowd.

The skirt has a cool Aztec vibe and makes such a colourful statement and the shirt compliments it with a subtle feel.

The skirt is thick, high quality material, it has little stretch which means it maintains its shape when worn and doesn’t crease.

Although, my waist is a lot smaller than my hips, it means that it is tight around my hips and very loose around my waist. This tends to be a general problem for me because clothing is made based on average sizes and my body is out of proportion. I’ve learnt to alter things and wear a lot of belts to solve this problem.

Pros and Cons

  • Amazing detail on the skirt
  • Thick, high quality material for the skirt
  • You can separate the pieces and wear them with different items
  • Lightweight shirt, which is great in the heat 

  • The skirt isn’t great for someone with a curvy figure as it has little stretch
  • It is difficult to get on and off
If you have a curvier figure, then I would recommend then check out this VIPme post instead

The Dress

Outfit from VIPme

Use this code at VIPme: Rosa550, to get $5 off orders over $50

Wednesday, 14 June 2017

Fashion: 5 styling tips for tulle skirts

5 styling tips for tulle skirts

"Looking for new styling ideas? Here are a few creative ways you can style the tulle skirt this summer, by Rosa Fairfield"

Photographs by Linda Smith

5 styling tips for tulle skirts

Go for a mid-length or long one

Long or mid-length styles tend to work better. You can wear shorter versions but they are tricky to style without looking like a child playing dress-up. 

Wear with a crop top 

I love styling tulle skirts with crop tops. It gives the look a slightly more edgy feel and makes the outfit look slightly more mature.

Get the heels out

I have worn a tulle skirt with flat shoes, and everyone that day talked to me like I was 10-years-old. Flats with tulle skirts work if you are tall but if you are small and 'cute' looking, I'd probably stay clear.

Go for black, white or cream

A black one looks either slightly more edgy or has a sophisticated vibe. White and cream can either be made to look romantic and girly or be worn as a statement piece. 

Create a rock chick vibe

Tulle skirts are great for this. Add some fishnet tights, shoes with lots of buckles, a studded top and you have a completely different way of styling this typically girly look. 

Zaful and the Anniversary Sale

My dear followers, there is some news I would love to share with you guys, one of the biggest online fashion stores Zaful is now celebrating their 3rd anniversary. There are three stages to the sale:

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  • The Anniversary Carnival

This will take place between, June 15th and 17th. It will include the site's biggest sale of the year. They will be having free worldwide shipping and lots more.

  • The Anniversary Encore

The final stage from the 18th-21st June.

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