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Blogging & Social Media: Does Good Quality Content Exist?

Nope, this isn't some rant about how the kids these days don't produce high quality content. This is me saying: is there really such a thing as good quality content? I spend a lot of my free time reading blog posts about building an audience and the thing they all seem to say is: produce good quality content. You know what though, I'm not even sure I know what good quality content is... and here's why, words by Rosa Fairfield, photos by Linda Smith.


The content you are most proud of, doesn't always get the most hits.
Whatever your platform... Instagram, your blog, YouTube... this tends to apply to it all. I've created videos I've absolutely loved and written posts I thought would do really well, only for them to flop. Then, I've posted things that I've put little effort into, which I thought were complete rubbish, that have gotten a host of views and positive feedback. No matter how much I've tried to make sense of it, I just can&#…

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