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A Day of Extreme Adventures in Bangkok

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Bangkok is, in many ways, the ultimate city of contrasts. While it’s famed for its serene, modest temples and excellent digital nomad facilities, it’s also a bucket list destination for people who enjoy adrenalized excitement. For any tourist looking for fun, thrills and spills, Bangkok will not disappoint. Be it a trip to a historic landmark, or a more modern adventure, the capital of Thailand features something for everyone, particularly if you’re something of a thrill-seeker. Indeed, you can have a full day of heart-pumping attractions if you’re so inclined.

Morning - test your head for heights

Your first port of call, while the city is still waking up, should be a trip to the banks of the Chao Praya river where you’ll find Wat Arun - the Temple of Dawn. The panorama of the city that you’ll see from the top is actually quite relaxing, but the climb is what will get the blood going - and it’s more than worth it.

Late Morning - take a Muay Thai challenge

You won’t struggle to find a Muay Thai gym in this city - this fusion form of kick-boxing is the country’s national sport. This will give you a good workout and shake off any cobwebs that may remain from the morning, and will work up a pretty decent appetite, which is good for reasons we’re just getting to.

Lunchtime - Street food options ago-go

Now you’ve expended some energy, it’s time to replenish the nutrients you’ve worked through with a trip to one of more of the many street food stands. Spicy salads are an option for the non-meat eater, while the barbecued meats will attract any carnivore. No stop in Bangkok would be complete without sampling pàt tai, a stir-fried noodle dish which can be tailored to your preferences.

Afternoon - take to the skies

You’ve already seen Bangkok from above, but now you’ll get to do that again in a whole new way. Speeding down a zip line, you can look at the splendid green parks below and feel the wind on your face.

Evening - time for recovery

You’ve earned a rest and some recovery, but this won’t come without a little foreboding. After the day you’ve had, you will benefit from a rejuvenating plunge in the

Bangkok ice baths
. It’s hair-raising at first as you sink into the icy water, but as you feel your mind and muscles reinvigorate, this is the perfect way to round off a day and prepare for an evening meal in one of Bangkok’s many excellent restaurants. Tomorrow, maybe it will be a good idea to have a more relaxing day, but you’ll remember the thrills of this one for years to come.

Bangkok is an enduring tourist destination because it offers so much to so many, with ideal tours and sight-seeing trips for any tourist. A day spent enjoying the best attractions for thrill-seekers in this remarkable city is one of those days that makes a holiday great. Just don’t forget the rejuvenating ice bath if you want to be in any condition to see the other parts of the city tomorrow!