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Fashion & Styling: 2 Ways to Style the Same Skirt w/ Boohoo

I used to be one of those people who would take everything and the kitchen sink with her on holiday. But, since becoming a blogger, I've had to learn the art of packing light because I'm travelling so much. I can now get away with just taking a hand luggage bag.

A great way to pack light is to wear the same pieces more than once. Here are some examples of how you can create two completely different looks with the same skirt. 


This is a traditional, casual daytime look. I've styled the skirt with a matching crop top. Crop tops are great for the summer months, when you want to keep cool, and are great for showing off your figure. Also, a crop top doesn't always mean you have a show some mid-riff - if it is long enough and you wear something high waisted with it.

I want to take a moment to talk about these boots. I love them! Come on, they have glitter stars on them, what could be more awesome? I'm wearing them with socks here, to make them comfortable to walk in.


Okay, this way of styling it is a little more out-there... but I think it's great to think outside the box. If you want a completely different look, then think about other ways you can wear the item. This skirt has a tie around waist so it can also be used as a pinafore over a dress.

To wear it as a top, I've just zipped up the back and tied the waist band in a bow around the back. It is a simple, easy look to achieve.

* Also, this has to be my new favourite jacket.

I'm always going on day trips and weekend breaks around England... and, a lot of the time the weather isn't great. This raincoat not only keeps me dry but it's also lightweight and can fold up easily into a suitcase. Plus, it looks fun and says goodbye to the dowdy raincoat stereotype.


Think about different colour schemes
Think about what different colours work with the outfit. For one look, you may want to work with similar, monochrome colours. In the second, you might go for something that contrasts, like pink and green or yellow and blue... remember your school art classes for colour inspiration.

Pick items that can be worn in different ways
Maxi skirts are great for this because you can usually tie them in a way to make them into a mini skirt  or you can wear them around your chest to look like a dress - it's best to choose something with stretch in it or something with an elasticated waist band.

Choose different styles or characters
If one look is glam, you might want to create your second look with a boho feel. I love switching up my personal style depending on my mood. It's a great way to help you to put an outfit together.

Transform a day piece into a night piece
You don't always need to make a complete change when you head out to your evening meal. Glam-up a day outfit, with some accessories, heels and by adding a little extra make-up.

If all else fails - *Meh* wear the same outfit twice
When I'm not blogging, I do this a lot. Really, who cares all that much if you wear the same outfit twice on holiday. If you like it that much, go for it.