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Fashion: My Red Bikini Zaful Wishlist

Red is my favourite colour... red lipstick, red dresses, a red bikini... it's fiery and the colour of passion. Plus, I am 100 per cent a proud Gryffindor (for any Harry Potter fans out there) and was in the 'red house' through primary and secondary school. Here's a quick poem I found about the colour red:
"It’s a flickering flame of a tiny candle. It’s the spark able to spread the wildfire of love. Red is the color of heat. It’s full of passion. It’s bold. Red won’t tolerate injustice. It’s hard and unfortunately stubborn. Red will never give in." - by SunnySummer 
Here are my favourite red bikinis from Zaful:


Bikini Number 1: I love bikini number one because of the dark, burnt red colour and the floral print. The white on the red looks striking. Also, the high-waisted pants are great for girls, like me, with a curvy figure. The top has a kinda 90s vibe too, which I'm loving. 

Bikini Number 2: I'm loving ruffles at the moment, so a bikini with ruffles is exactly what I am after. I also love the shape of this bikini. With the low plunging front it cuts a sensual and fashion-forward shape. Out of all the bikinis this is also the one which is the brightest shade of red.

Bikini Number 3: This is the basic, slightly sporty looking one. As much as I do like fashion-forward bikinis, they are not always that practical to swim in and I do love to swim. I'm often in the pool doing 40 lengths so this one is the practical option.

Bikini Number 4: Now, this is something unusual. It looks classic in design but I have never seen anything like it before. The top looks a little bit like a cami and I love the knotted detail. The bottoms are also a great shape. If your hips are large this will show them off to their best.

Bikini Number 5: I'm loving one-shoulder tops at the moment so a one-shoulder swimsuit may be one the the most sophisticated and stylish things I've seen yet. It's a fairly simple bikini but with a twist. This one is probably a better choice for girls will smaller breasts because of its shape.

Bikini Number 6: Like I said before, I'm loving red and white. The stripes here look super cool, a great contrast and bold print for someone that doesn't want to go for the classic floral. Again this looks like a practical bikini, the top looks like it offers support and the bottoms seem to have good coverage.


Now, this is a really hard decision because I love all these swimsuits, after all this is my Wishlist... but overall I think I would choose number 4. I just love how unique it is. It also has a great sailor vibe to it. My second choice would be the off-the-shoulder one. To me, this both looks stylish and practical. I want something that i'm going to feel comfortable swimming around it, without worrying that it might fall down.


I can image styling this in a simple way... a nice pair of sunglasses, beach waves... running along the beach in no shoes. To get to the beach, I would wear a pair of white shorts over the bikini bottoms and put on a pair of casual gold sliders. I also think this would look super cool with a denim jacket over the top. You could even spend all day walking around like it because the bikini top would just look like a crop top.