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Personal Style: Tips for Wearing a Tulle Dress w/ VIPme

Check out this pretty butterfly-covered tulle dress - a bee liked it so much that it spent a while buzzing around the embodied butterflies, by Rosa Fairfield.

Photographs by Linda Smith


I think this is the perfect, fancy summer garden party dress. I can imagine lounging on a pretty garden swing, with a champagne glass in my hand... sort of like, a slightly posh but bohemian affair. The kind where people walk around with no shoes on but discuss political affairs (or maybe these kind of things just happen in my imagination).

I know i've gone for more of an evening look here, but I also think you could create a great relaxed boho look with this dress, flat sandals and flowers in loose long hair. Then run through a field of wild grass.

Anyway... the dress is comfortable and good quality for the price. It's delicate but I don't feel too worried about damaging it when I wear it, which is always a good thing. My favourite thing about the dress is the embroidered butterflies, which is why I picked it out.

I also find the mesh see-through panel, at the bottom of this dress, interesting. It allows you to show off your shoes, which sometimes can get hidden with a maxi dress. This also makes it better for wearing heels, as I think heels with a normal long maxi dress can look kinda weird. It also draws attention to the beautiful embroidered butterflies.

I would say though, if you are going to buy this dress, it was a little big around the waist on me... so, it might be worth considering buying a size smaller, if you can. 


Go long or go home

Tulle definitely looks better if it's long or over the knee. It creates a sophisticated kind of vibe. I think it depends on what kinda tulle you're talking about though. If it's super puffy, then it's going to look best in a bellow-the-knee midi length. If it's just one or two layers of tulle, it will look okay in a slightly shorter length or as a maxi dress, like this one.

Try a mesh top

On this dress, the sleeves and the top is see-through mesh. I think this adds some interest to the look and stops the whole effect from being too over-powering. If you are feeling brave you could even go for a full mesh top.

Rock chick it up

Tulle doesn't always have to be super feminine. If you wear some cool studded boots and a leather jacket, you can easily create a rock chick look. That would be a great way of transforming this dress from a evening look to daywear. It would work well for watching a fashion show. (Okay, so I seriously want to shoot some more photographs of this dress in that style now.)

Wear a top over it

This is something I'm always doing with my tulle dresses in the daytime.  If I want a more sophisticated workwear look, I put on a shirt over the top. If I want a daytime causal look, then I wear a t-shirt over the top. Making the dress look like a skirt allows you to have a completely different look and means the dress is versatile.

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