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Style File: Layered Look

‘Add a bold coloured shirt under a plain dress to make an outfit that pops.’

I love to always have a brightly coloured piece within my outfits. I remember this one non-uniform day, when I was at school. I decided to wear these canary yellow kiddie stilettos. They were my favourites, I thought they were pretty cool and they definitely brought me a lot of attention… but, being a little different at school seems to instantly earn you a host of negative comments. I cried over the incident and the shoes were never worn again.

Over the years, I have come to realise that It’s easy to copy others and dress the same as the masses… but - although the difficult option - it’s better to be brave, stand out and be true to yourself. I would much rather feel comfortable in the clothing I wear and get criticism every now and again, apposed to being miserable wearing something I don’t like, just because it’s the latest trend.

Shirt: Hollister
Dress: Dillards
Necklace: Brooklyn Charm
Boots: Office