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‘Any outfit can be made fabulous, if you add knee length boots and sunglasses.’

It’s true. Once, back in my university days, my bestie and I had a bit of a bad day. Whenever we experienced one of these bad days, at university, one of us would hop off to the shop on a cookie, ice-cream and cake run (Yes, in hindsight that was really bad for us… but it got us through some tricky situations).

I am normally a person who will not brave the outside world without a layer of make-up and a carefully selected outfit… but as I stated, I was having a bad day. Therefore, instead of rushing to my room to pick out an outfit, I thought: ‘I really can’t be bothered, I’m just going to go out in my nightwear’.

I did. My nightwear was actually nice, if I do say so myself. A cute silk slip with a lounge tee. I slipped on my fur coat and it looked passable. It was bright outside so I made sure I grabbed my sunglasses and slipped into my favourite knee length boots.

It wasn’t until I was almost at my destination, that I noticed all the attention I was getting. People kept on throwing surreptitious glances in my direction. At first, I put this down to my inappropriate choice of outfit, but, next thing I knew someone was complimenting my look and then a few other people joined in. I thought everyone had gone mad. It was just my nightwear.

Later, when I analysed the situation, I realised there were two important lessons to be learnt here. Number one, boots and sunglasses instantly make any outfit look more glamorous. Number two, it’s fun to break the rules, you might fall upon something great.

I tend to wear boots and sunglasses with a lot of my outfits now… and I am not ashamed to admit that I sometimes wear my slip and a tee outdoors. After all, what is so wrong about wearing your nightwear outdoors? If you style it right it can look pretty fab!

Sunglasses: Jil Sander
Jumper & Skirt: Whistles
Boots: Office