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A lot of people would be surprised to know that my favourite landscapes are deserts and canyons. Therefore, I was in my element on the road trip from Vegas to the Grand Canyon, via Route 66. I screamed when I saw an old west style saloon and even swear that I spotted some tumble weed. I also spent a lot of time darting in and out of service stations, searching for a Route 66 badge (I purchased one but lost it soon after).

The Grand Canyon was breathtaking. I had my heart set on a mule ride. I have horse riding training… but I haven’t really got the time for it. One day. Instead I settled with the two mile walk, seeing the beautiful colours and rock shapes from so many different angles. I even found a cute little chipmunk to feed (are you supposed to feed them?) Oh, I nearly forgot about the shop! I found a cute little ranch shop selling cowboy boot tees.

Las Vegas is the coolest… but there was a bummer hanging over my week. Every evening, I would eat at one of those themed buffets they have in the hotels. Only, every evening, they would try to charge me the children’s price! I know… I know… looking young will all pay off when I’m forty, but right now, it just feels kind of… well… rubbish.

Before I went to Vegas, I think I was expecting some flashy, posh casinos. I wasn’t expecting it to be like some pretty awesome amusement park! It was a trip around the world with all different themed hotels. They even had a volcano and the Eiffel Tower, which I went to the top of. Cesar’s Place was perhaps my favourite,though. With the Forum Shops. Okay, I like shopping, but the amazing part was the ceiling. It was made to look like a real sky, which even changed colour. I felt like I was in Hogwarts!

I bet you can’t guess which hotel I stopped in? I stopped in the New York, New York hotel. It was fitting, considering i’m so obsessed with New York (I spent a year of my childhood walking around with a I heart NY top on). I still can’t get over the fact that the hotel was shaped like a Manhattan skyline, or that there was a rollercoaster running through it. Okay, I’m going to wrap this up now because writing this is making me want to jump back on a plane right out there!