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Style File: Lady in Red

‘Chunky heels & a-lines are the way to go’

I’ve always been a stilettos girl… but with 90s fashion the latest it thing, chunky heels seem to be dominating the shelves. So, with an open mind, I decided to give the chunky heel a shot… and now I will never go back.They’re o'so more comfortable it’s crazy. My feet don’t ache in the slightest when I wear them so I can happily wear my heels every day of the week.

Not only are they comfortable, but a thick heel with a small platform under the ball on the foot, means the shoe can be higher and retain it’s stability. Being, just over five foot, the taller the shoe the better (Well… it is a little intimidating looking up at people that seem to loom above you).

The a-line mini skirt is another recent trend that I have come to love. Being a shortie with large hips and a teeny tiny waist, they work well with my figure. They also look great with my selection of long slouchy coats, which, before now I have found difficult to pair with anything without looking like a sack of potatoes. I can safely say the a-line skirts and the chunky heels will feature in my wardrobe for a while. Although, I will probably catch on to some other fashion trend before long. It’s fun to try out a new trend every now and again, just remember to stay true to your style. It’s awesome if one comes along that you love, but, if you don’t like one, then don’t worry about it!

Sunglasses: Jil Sander
Skirt: Hollister
Tee: New Look