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Style File: Women's Day

'International Women's Day: I am a woman and proud!'

 On this international women's day, I decided to try out something new. A padded bra. It definitely pushed me out of my comfort zone and I am still not one hundred percent sure that I like the look. I guess it all depends on the outfit, as it looks good with a tight fitting top but would not work with anything a little more loose fitting. However, it is great to try new things and what better day to do so than Women's Day?

I think it is amazing what women have achieved. We have battled the odds to find some equality in a perviously male dominated world. One women that is extremely inspirational to me is: Coco Chanel. It is thanks to her that women aren't still walking around in corsets. Something I'm very happy about (Being an actress, I've had to wear a lot of corsets and they make me feel as though I'm going to faint!)

So, whoever you are - man, woman, they or anything in-between - take a moment today to celebrate the women of the world and the special ones in your life.

#OneDayIWill : Have my own fashion empire.

Cardigan: Marc by Marc Jacobs
Skirt: Roses by Rosa Fairfield
Gloves: M & S