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Style File: The Country Club

‘It’s lovely to escape to a tranquil spa retreat’

I fully recommend running off to a spa hotel for the weekend and booking yourself in for a treatment. With the busy, 21st century lives we now all live, sometimes we need to take time to let the mind unwind and our bodies recover.

So, I took my own advice and spent the weekend wondering around the grounds of a fancy hotel, wearing a tulle dress, in between trips to the steam room and a relaxing message. Now that’s the life.

I’ve never been to a spa hotel before so I had no idea what to expect. I was imagining something like The Evans’ country club in High School Musical 2. Therefore, in true Rosa style, I decided to bring out the pink tulle net dress, tied skirt and sunglasses. In short, I was attempting to look like one of the classic 1950s movie stars, whom I so admire.

What started as just a mere dress up game turned into something pretty great. This is one of my favourite outfits, as it perfectly encompasses my style. I love a bit of glamour in my life so this look made me feel fab!

The spa wasn’t bad either. I felt pampered and well cared for by the amazing team there who offered brilliant customer service. I will be sure to visit more spas in the future.

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