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The Slip Dress

As summer approaches, I'm looking forward to wearing less layers and filling my closet with delicate dresses. But, why not get a head start? Right now, I am obsessing over the slip dress. Slips have always been my favourite night-time staple so I decided to give the daytime slip dress a shot.

I can completely confirm that I was not disappointed. This style of dress is heaven sent. I say this as, it is possible one of the most comfortable things I have ever worn. It perfectly hangs off the body. Perfect for those summer days, when the weather gets a little hot and sticky. Plus, they look cute, which is an added bonus.

If you are as impatient as I am, you don't have to wait until summer to rock this look. Throw some knee high boots and a loose fitting open jacket into the mix and it can work for those sunny spring days too. For the summer, I like to pair the slip dress with heeled fringed ankle boots, without the jacket. 

This particular slip dress, also sports one of my favourite current trends: lace. Following on from Self Portrait's lead, lace seems to be dominating the shelves right now. It adds an unusual and feminine touch to any outfit, without being overly girly. 

What I Wore: 

Boots: Office

More Slip Dresses: 

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