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Outfit tips for the girl who travels

If you follow me on Instagram (@ohduckydarling), you will know that I am currently in sunny Cebu. Getting here involved a very, very long flight. Now, when I travel, I like my outfit to be extremely comfortable but look fabulous at the same time. So, here are a few outfit ideas, which perfectly combine those two concepts.

1. The floaty dress
These are super comfortable and super pretty so you can step off that plane and begin your trip in style. Stay away from designs which are tight around the waist, as this will become uncomfortable over time. 

2. Leggings, paired with a cute shirt and blazer
Once, walking through the streets of Paris, I saw the most elegant women. She was wearing a black leggings, white shirt and red blazer combination, creating a effortlessly chic vibe. It's great to mix different block colours for this look and you can swap the shirt for a simple tee, for extra comfort. Also, if you feel insecure over showing your thighs opt for an oversized shirt. 

3. Ballet Flats
When flying, I always switch my heels for a basic pair of ballet flats. They make the long walks through airports, carrying heavy luggage, slightly more bearable. Plus, if you do have to make one of those crash landings you have to leave your heels behind, which is no fun. 

4. Sunglasses
I find sunglasses a travel must. When my eyes are looking painfully tired due to a long day of travelling, I can just slip on a pair of sunglasses and no one will be able to tell the difference.

5. Layering
I normally find, when travelling, I am moving between two completely different climates. Therefore, I love to have various layers, so I can adjust my outfit according to the temperature... but make sure they are light layers, (you don't want to be weighed down carrying bulky items of clothing if you remove them.)

What are your travel fashion tips? Please leave a comment, I would love to know your thoughts.

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