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'I'm in Hong Kong! I'm in Hong Kong!! I'M IN HONG KONG!!!' I have to admit that I spent most of my time in Hong Kong, wondering around, think that thought, in a disbelieving daze. Okay, so there have always been family holidays abroad, but - in the last year - my life has taken an unexpected, magical turn. I've had the opportunity to partake in some truly wonderful experiences and visit some amazing places... and I still can't quite believe my luck.

When I first stepped foot in North Carolina, I felt like I had stepped into one of my favourite 1950's movies. Well, Hong Kong is the exact opposite, like stepping into a slightly more futuristic, high tech world, (The train to the city seemed to somewhat resemble the one in The Hunger Games). Sure, you could just say it's another city... but, every city possesses its own unique aura. Hong Kong has a very educated, cultured, cosmopolitan vibe... almost as if it is the 'centre of the universe'. It's fast paced and unapologetic but not to the extreme of New York.

The shops. I must mention the shops. I've never seen so many stores of fabulous designer brands in one place. This really is the city to visit for all of your fashion needs. These aren't just the small boutiques often seen in the UK either, these are huge stores spanning a great distance. I felt a little giddy when I happened upon my favourite luxury brand, Valentino, and had a lovely, indulgent time admiring Valentino's latest artful pieces.

My style aligns well with the one commonly seen in Hong Kong: fun, playful and heavily featuring pastels. I even saw a lady walking around in a pink fedora hat with kitten ears, it was pretty amazing. 

Night Time. I am so, very grateful that I saw the city at night. I am a sucker for sparkling lights. I headed up onto the bridge, leading off to the various piers in the distance. I wanted a perfect view of the city, lit up in all its glory... and glory it was. As I looked back, I could see the whole of the skyline, a vast expanse of buildings, sparkling, tall and proud. I stopped for a while, tuned out all of  my thoughts, and just concentrated on witnessing and enjoying the image before me. Viewing cityscapes has always made me feel a kind of infinite... alive and present. 

Hong Kong I love you and I hope to be back soon. 

Thank-you for reading. Have you ever been to Hong Kong? I would love to hear your thoughts on this marvellous city, so please leave a comment.

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