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My Style: Dishevelled Elegance

I have always loved the: casual, effortless, chic style, which many French women seem to possess. That was my inspiration for this look. I like to call it: Dishevelled Elegance. The shape and structure of the outfit emit a kind of elegance but the tousled, messy ponytail - plus slouchy vibe - add a slightly dishevelled quality.

For me, fashion is all about how an outfit makes you feel... and, in this outfit, I felt very good indeed. It made me saunter along, feeling relaxed, almost laid back. The many accessories made me feel a little glam and grand, giving me a confidence. There, that's the most important thing. Whatever outfit you do wear, it should give you confidence. The right outfit can make you feel as though you can take on the world. 

I had two more important discoveries on this slightly downcast day. The first happened when I strolled into the library, to do a little research. I came across a few different books offering style advice... but they all seemed to give strict rules on how you should dress. To me, that just seemed wrong. I am all about tearing up the rule book and having fun with how you dress. That's just me though, it suits some people to stick to the status quo and that's also great. 

It just made me think. Yes, I enjoy giving people inspiration and advice on how to dress. Yet, at the same time, I don't want to be the kind of person that gives out strict fashion rules that everyone must follow. That can just feel suffocating. 

The second realisation didn't come until later that evening, when I started to edit the photographs from this shoot. In all the photographs, I had ginormous dark circles and literally looked like I hadn't slept for a month. I was forced to do a little retouching because, to be brutally honest, I would rather not have people see me like that. Anyway, it made the think: I really need to start taking care of myself a little better, and get some more sleep. I think, at times, we can forget our very basic needs in the pursuit of success. It's important to take a breath and check in with yourself. After all, our bodies have to last us a lifetime. Unless, you know, full body transplants start to become a big thing.

What I Wore:

Top: M & S
Skirt: Roses by Rosa Fairfield
Boots: Jones
Kimono Jacket: River Island

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