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Road Trip: The Cowboy Hat

'Fake it until you make it!' 

That's how the saying goes, right? Well, I've always fancied myself living in the Old West. Technically, I'm living in the wrong time period and wrong country for that one. So what? Today, I decided to dig out my cowboy hat and rock it with some spring pastels, (I thought a full on cowboy look would be too overpowering). Hey, just because I live in England doesn't mean I have to walk around wearing tweed - *laughs*.

Along with living in the Old West, I've always fancied taking a proper road trip - in a Mustang - across America. Okay, I'm a long way off this. First, I need to save up some money and learn how to actually drive, (see my car-less American adventure here). For now, I will just have a satisfy myself with trips across the English countryside with my family. 

I have to admit that this day didn't go to plan. We set out at eleven but - in classic style - ended up completely lost within the first half hour. After two hours, being lost became a little boring so we decided to take a rest stop to explore some gardens we happened upon. 

With some luck, these ended up actually being pretty cool, (even cooler than our intended destination).

Possibly my favourite part was: these super cute pale blue beach huts. They were just adorable. This colour blue is one of my favourite colours and there is nothing I love more than a good novelty. Oh come on, what's not to love about a witty cone, painted to look like a lighthouse? See if you can spot it in the third picture down from the top.

So what's the moral to this story? Just go with the flow. You might be searching for one thing but then along comes something else. It might not be what you are looking for, but who knows, keep an open mind, and it may be something even more wonderful.

What I Wore:

Boots: Cole Haan
Skirt: Cow Vintage
Sunglasses: Jil Sander

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