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Style: Besties & Shopping

When I was growing up, I loved to watch Hannah Montana and would dream of having a friendship just like the one Miley and Lilly shared. I came close a few times but, It wasn't until university that I managed to find my perfect bestie. That person who is always there for you, no matter what. The person who knows your most embarrassing secrets... and you automatically speak at the same time, and copy each others facial expressions.

Well, I have to say, we've been on some pretty crazy adventures over the years, like: dancing in the middle of the road at 12am, pretending we were in The Hunger Games at the gym and sleeping inside a makeshift, sparkly tulle net tent I made. Our latest adventure was a trip a Bicester Village. 

I had never been to Bicester Village before and I have to say... it was amazing! Fresh baked doughnuts, designer outlet shops in cute little wooden buildings and pretty decorations everywhere... I was in heaven. 

After hours of wondering around, I managed to find an awesome Kate Spade bag, with a cute pair of sunglasses on the front, (we all know how obsessed with Kate Spade I am). I also managed to convince my bestie to buy a beautiful Ralph Lauren shirt dress. She looks absolutely gorgeous in it. So, it ended up being a pretty successful day out.

Although, the thing that made this day so special, was sharing it with a friend. Sure, I would have had a great time trawling the shops on my own but having my bestie by my side, made it so much more fun. So, next time you go shopping, take a friend with you to share the experience... and if you want to have even more fun, make a video montage. That happened on a shopping trip to London a few years back! Click here to watch it.

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Do you have an awesome best friend? Feel free to discuss bellow.

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