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5 Awesome Dog Breeds To Consider Welcoming Into Your Home

If you are eager to welcome the patter of tiny paws into your household, you are probably a little overwhelmed at the sheer amount of research you need to do before taking the plunge. Dogs range from the highly strung to the laid back horizontal and from the tiny handbag sized to the ultimate behemoth. It can be tricky to work out the sort of breed that would be the ideal fit for your lifestyle. First, you need to make a list of attributes that you need to have your ideal canine companion. Does he need to be small? Does he need to be hypoallergenic? Do you want a cheeky character full of attitude or do you want a laeder of the pack? The choices are endless. Take a look at these five awesome dog breeds to help you whittle down your breed selection.

1. Miniature Schnauzer
The mini schnauzer is the ultimate feisty little character that is absolutely adorable. Originally bred for hunting rats, he has a nose that can take him off track when you are on walks, but his recall is pretty good if you train him early. Eager to please and a faithful companion, a miniature schnauzer thinks he is bigger than he is. If you want a guard dog, you may assume that a German Shepherd is the breed to go for, but a mini schnauzer will alert you to intruders. He will also alert you to a leaf where it shouldn’t be in the garden or the mail arriving. His bark is loud, but only occurs if something is awry.

A mini schnauzer is easy to look after, simple enough to train, and is highly food motivated. He is happy to relax on the sofa with you watching the latest episode of a Netflix box set or heading off on a hike in a national park. Hypoallergenic and non-shedding, this breed is perfect for those individuals with any allergies.

2. American Lab
If you want a faithful hound that is on the slightly larger size, an American lab could be ideal. Chocolate, silver or golden, these labs are athletic, active and easy to train. Unlike their English namesakes, they are leaner with longer legs. If you are teetering between an English or American lab, head to to discover their differences and make an informed choice. American labs are one of the best breeds for those individuals who need a dog to help with therapy or another impairment. They are eager to please and hugely faithful to their owner.

American labs enjoy exercise and love going for a run or playing fetch with their owners. They eat well and are a healthy breed meaning vet bills will be kept to a minimum. The American lab is a happy and positive breed that will give your home boundless energy.

3. Pug
If you are after a breed that is super relaxed and happy just chilling out at home rather than heading off on mammoth hikes, a pug could be the ideal breed. Unique looking and full of personality, the pug is a small dog that enjoys company as described at If you are working from home or intend on being with your pooch most of the time, a pug is perfect. However, if you work longer hours or may not have the time to dedicate to a mutt, your pug may suffer acute separation anxiety. Pugs are great with kids and rarely bark. If they do, you know something is wrong. When feeding, be strict with the portion size as they can put on weight easily. Never fall for the puppy dog eyes that are begging for food.

The humble pug is tan or black mainly and there are many celebrity owners who adore their pooches. If you have a small apartment or limited space, your pug won’t be fussed. He will just be eager to stay by your side at all times.

4.Welsh Terrier
The Welsh terrier is a handsome dog that is slightly rarer than other terriers. He is slightly larger than the Cairn, Border or West Highland terriers and is more of a utility breeds in size and stature. If you want a pooch that looks smart and is happy to go on runs, hikes or chill at your feet, this versatile breed could be for you. A beautiful tan and auburn color, the coat of a Welsh terrier takes some grooming. You may need deep pockets or a thirst for learning how to groom your dog as he will need a trim every six to eight weeks. Welsh terriers have a double wiry coat meaning that they can be hand stripped. This is a highly regarded skill so you may need to hunt down a specialist groomer. However, he will look smart.

Welsh terriers are happy and bouncy things. They have oblong heads and kooky goatee beards. They are unique looking and have a loving temperament. If you have little ones in the home, a Welsh terrier will bond with them and play happily alongside them. They don’t tend to have many health issues at all. Just watch their ears. With their wiry double coats, their ears can become matted leading to ear infections.

5. Greyhound
Greyhounds are great dogs to have in the home. They are relatively lazy and love getting themselves into all sorts of weird and wonderful sleeping positions. Many family pet greyhounds are old racing dogs so love the quieter pace of family life. They will entertain you for hours with their antics, they will shun the rain if you want to take them for a walk in wet weather, and will consider themselves a lap dog even though they are massive lanky things.

If you want a dog to be a faithful companion but exercise isn’t your thing, a greyhound could be perfect. They are quiet, unassuming and yet will forge a tight bond with you that is unbreakable.

Dogs are wonderful to have in the home. They will fill your life with joy and give you so much. Follow this guide and see if any of the breeds tick your boxes when thinking about welcoming the patter of tiny paws into your home.