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Seven Unusual Things To Do In Alberta

Twenty-twenty has been a washout of a year for travel, but hopefully things will look up in 2021. And while everyone must be having their travel destinations lined up, bucket lists ready to tick off and different cuisines waiting to be tried, here’s a post on seven unusual and fun things to do in Alberta, Canada if that is on your travel list.

A Hangout Space (And More) For Cannabis Lovers
Number one on the list has got to be the cannabis dispensary Red Deer. This is a one-stop shop and space for marijuana enthusiasts to bond and explore more about the product and cannabis culture, now that it has been legalized. And don’t worry if you’re a tourist or a newcomer, there’s still a lot of fun to be had! Whether you want to know more about the products or the plant, or try some in a fun, playful and relaxed entertainment or even shop around for some cannabis edibles, this is a fun and unique stop!

Explore The Ghost Town Of Mercoal
Alberta has a number of ‘ghost towns’ and visiting them can make your trip more exciting and out-of-the-ordinary. Once home to almost 1000 people, the former coal mining town now just comprises a few summer residences. Eerie to walk through, but you will come across some stunning natural beauty so it’s worth the road less taken!

Get Lost In The Edmonton Corn Maze
If you’re visiting in the fall season, try and visit the corn maze in Edmonton as it is one of the best you can find. The trails and paths keep changing every season, so even if you re-visit another time, you will still spend hours trying to figure your way out!

Visit The World’s First UFO Landing Pad
Yes, you read that right! The small town of St Paul is home to Canada’s centennial project designed to gather information about UFOs, so if you want to see the world’s first UFO Landing Pad, make sure to put this on your list! Alien believer or not, this is quite a cool thing to check out!

Royal Tyrrell Museum Of Dinosaurs
Home to the world’s largest collection of dinosaur fossils, each one assembled and displayed for maximum effect, this is worth a visit, especially for kids and dinosaur fans.

Star Trek To Vulcan
If you’re a Star Trek fan, then the town of Vulcan is an absolute must-visit. Popularly known as the "Official Star Trek Capital of Canada", the Vulcan Tourism and Trek Station is built to actually look like a space station, and has a number of Star Trek-themed attractions.

Dare To Try The Columbia Icefields Skywalk?
If you’re the adventurous, thrill-seeking type, then definitely see how brave you are at the Columbia Icefields Skywalk. This cliff-edge walkway rises 918 feet above the Athabasca River valley, and while it might get your heart in your mouth, it is worth it for the stunning views of the Rocky Mountains and its glaciers.

The height apart, what makes this walkway more of a thrill is the fact that the glass panels (yes, glass) deliberately move as you walk on them…