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Entertainment: 50 fun things to do when you're bored

Are you stuck at home with nothing to do? Well, if you're boring sitting around twiddling your thumbs, here are some Oh! Ducky Darling approved ways to have some fun. Our list covers everything from mental challenges to keep your brain active to creative craft projects.

Illustrations and words by Rosa Fairfield

These ideas will brighten up your day if you're willing to splash a little cash. Don't worry; these ideas won't break the bank.

These ideas are perfect if you're looking to change things up without spending any money. They're nothing too complicated, but they might help you shake yourself out of that funk.

  • Sit in an unusual position
  • Colour coordinate your phone
  • See if you can cry on cue
  • Send postcards to your friends
  • Try and sit still for as long as possible
  • Say something you've always wanted to say
  • Do breathing exercises
  • Write yourself into a FanFiction story
  • Write a book

If art is your jam, these ideas will help to get your creativity flowing. You might even find some inspiration for a project.

  • Make the first thing that comes up in a Pinterest crafts search
  • Create a GIF
  • Create emojis
  • Create a meme
  • Make a scrapbook of your happiest memories
  • Make an outfit out of household items
  • Make decorations
  • Try doing nail art

Some mental stimulation could be just what you need to cheer yourself up and stop procrastinating.

  • Come up with a detailed plan for the zombie apocalypse
  • Try and think of as many food puns as possible
  • Try and draw a picture without thinking about what you want to draw
  • Research a topic you know nothing about
  • Research something you know lots about
  • Think of your happiest memory
  • Think about what animal you're most like
  • Think of inventive ways to earn extra money
  • Type every thought you have into Google
  • Make a list of your life goals
  • Make a bucket list
  • Imagine living on a new planet
  • Come up with an idea for a new social media app
  • Plan your dream life

Adulting is alright, but if you want to recapture that childlike sense of fun you used to have, then try some of these ideas below.

  • Create a fort
  • Make up a children's nursery rhyme
  • Sit in a box and then think outside it
  • Create a dance routine for your teenage self's favourite song
  • Play don't touch the floor
  • Eat a food you've never tried before
  • Buy quirky clothing

These ideas are great if you'd like to have fun and exercise at the same time. Being stuck inside doesn't have to mean neglecting your physical needs, there are plenty of ways to stay active at home

  • Have a dance party for one
  • See how high you can jump
  • Try to touch your toes
  • Try to do the splits
  • See how many times you can walk up and down your living room

Don't stop here. Watch our latest video. Hey, that's another great idea for a fun activity that you can do right now.