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Fashion: Spooktacular Halloween clothing from the Modcloth Halloween Shop

If you love Halloween but aren't keen on dressing up in a Halloween costume, these quirky alternatives from the ModCloth Halloween shop could be just what you're looking for. They have everything from ghost print pyjamas to witch boots.

Words and Animations by Rosa Fairfield

Modcloth is an indie brand that sells vintage style clothing with a quirky aesthetic. So, it's the place to shop if you're an indie girl or if you love creative clothing from independent shops. Sometimes it's nice to break away from the status quo and have fun with fashion.

The Modcloth Halloween shop is great because they don't sell your standard Halloween costumes. These are well-made outfits you could wear anytime, especially if you love gothic vibes. 

Feel witchy without your Hogwarts acceptance letter

All Harry Potter fans can celebrate, it's that time of year where you can become the witch you've always wanted to be. No one will give you a funny look if you decide to walk around with a life-sized Hedwig plush on your shoulder.

The witch boots are an Oh! Ducky Darling favourite. They are a Lulu Hun x Collectif collaboration called Consulting My Cauldron Boot. We especially love the pointed toe design giving them a witchy feel. 

Look bootiful in these ghost print outfits

Nothing screams Halloween better than ghosts. (I mean literally, those ghost noises are pretty scary.) So, celebrate by watching a ghost movie whilst you wear Halloween print pyjamas. They might scare away the movie ghost. Hey, sometimes seeing your reflection is pretty frightening. 

Scare your friends with this quirky bat bag

We especially love the bat bag. If you're a comic book fan, you could show your appreciation of Batman all year round (or your love of vampires). But, the bat wings are removable, and there are two kinds of straps so it can double as a black purse and backpack. 

Bags are useful for carrying your belongings or your Halloween candy. Hey, all that chocolate shouldn't just be for the kids. You're helping to battle childhood obesity by buying up all the Halloween sweets. Or rather, that's what you can tell yourself to stop feeling guilty about your sweet tooth.

Be the monster of the ball with these cute Halloween accessories 

Halloween earrings are a solid choice if you want to show your appreciation for the holiday season subtly. Or, you might want to go full out and wear a complete Halloween outfit, accessories and all. There's nothing wrong with being a bit extra.

The Ouija Planchette Earrings by Vinca is our Oh! Ducky Darling recommendation. They have all the excitement of using an actual Ouija board. They're probably not going to give you the ability to contact the spirits, but you'll look cool wearing them.

Halloween dresses for a perfect Halloween date night 

Dresses are the fun and feminine way to enjoy Halloween. You could make Halloween food with your significant other, put on your cute Halloween dress and have a candlelight dinner date. Spooky and romantic.