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Kos, Greece

Travel: Top 10 things to do in Kos, Greece

Looking for some sun, sea, and sand? Here at Oh! Ducky Darling we have you covered, with our ultimate guide to Kos. The Greek island has lots to offer from excellent snorkelling spots to historic sites. Its diverse range of activities makes it a great holiday destination for the whole family, words and photographs by Rosa Fairfield.

10 things to do in Kos, Greece

Visit a windmill
There's a traditional Greek windmill, in the old town, near Kefalos. If you're stopping by the beach, it takes forty minutes to walk there. There's an entrance fee (five euros for adults and a discount for the kids). You get to look around the windmill, have a guided tour, and visit the restaurant. You can even try some of the bread they make. Although, it's a small portion, so don't rely on it filling you up after your walk there.

Windmill Kos
Go for a hike
Love the great outdoors? With its exotic insects and trademark lizards, a holiday in Kos is the perfect place for you to enjoy nature. There are so many different trails you can enjoy. Fortress of Antimachia is great for beginners, located in Kardamena and lasting 1.1 km. If you're looking for something a little more challenging, try Dikaios. It'll take you around three hours to complete, but is a great walk if you're looking to see some wildlife. The trail is located in Asfendiou.

View of Kefalos
Swim to an island
Agios Stefanos is located near Kefalos. It's home to an island - called Kastri - which houses a small monastery. The island is fairly close to the beach. Tourists often swim out to it or hire a peddleo. It's a fun challenge if you're feeling like you want an adventurous holiday. Hey, not everyone is the sit-on-the-beach-and-relax type.

Build a stone tower
Okay, so we've all heard of sandcastles but have you heard of a stone tower? This is a great way to keep the kids occupied. Simply, find some stones and start to place them on top of each other. It's more tricky than it looks. You'll soon be letting out frustrated sighs as your tower falls to the ground. But, hey, it's great practice if you'd like to become the reigning champion of Jenga. 


Create sand art
It's always good to get some practice in if you're a budding artist. Try to sculpt the sand around you into a beautiful picture. Even if you don't create a piece that could be displayed at Sandworld, at least you've had some fun.

Go snorkelling
Don't forget to bring your snorkelling gear, Kos is home to all different kinds of fish. You don't even have to head out into deep water to see them. Often, large ones swim close to the shore. 

Underwater Fish

Take an evening walk
You've done your daytime hike, now it's time to take a relaxing evening walk. After you have your evening meal, you could take a walk by the harbour. Seeing a boat lit-up is a relaxing way to end an action-packed day.

Kefalos at night
Explore the local restaurants
You're going to Greece, so, why not try the local cuisine? Posa cheese is a trademark of the island. It's goats cheese that's been matured in red wine. Lots of restaurants in Kos sell Gyros, which is a popular Greek dish. Don't worry if you're not a meat-eater, though, some restaurants offer a vegetarian menu. 

Near Kefalos resort, there's a restaurant called Castello. The lady who owns it paints bottles, used to decorate the tables. These are also available to buy, as a nice memento.   

Castello Restaurant
Castello restaurant

Feed the local cats
Both Greece and the Greek islands have a large population of stray cats. These cats rely on compassionate tourists feeding them to survive. So, if you see a family of stray cats, pop into the supermarket and buy them some cat food. They'll definitely appreciate your efforts.  

Cats Kos

Visit the ruins
There are a number of different historic ruins. In Kos Town, there's the Roman Odeon of Kos, which is an old roman open-air theatre. This is well worth a visit if you're interested in history.

The Basilica of Agios Stefanos is located near Kefolos. The ruins are on the beach, so you can enjoy looking at a historic site, whilst also doing a spot of sunbathing.

Basilica of Agios Stefanos
Basilica of Agios Stefanos

10 things to do in Kos, Greece