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Travelling Arizona (Sponsored By The Letter “P”)

Whether you want to go backpacking or you are heading off with a group of friends, traversing the United States of America is one of those grandiose adventures that everyone has to try. But rather than go for the more obvious places, like the big cities, give consideration to the heartland of America, the more wide-open spaces, which doesn't just provide beautiful views, but also gives you the opportunity to delve deep into what America is really all about. Arizona is, in many ways, the best bits of America rolled into one handy state; let's give you some places to visit, and they all begin with the letter “P”!

Pop Into Prescott
Prescott is a combination of history and beautiful sites. From the Heritage Park Zoological Sanctuary to the Charlotte Hall Museum, you can get your fair share of the native aspects of Arizona. And if you're looking for a place to stay in Prescott, the Prescott Quality Inn can give you that opportunity to relax in the backyard pool, and refuel yourself with a large breakfast before you get back out there. Nobody talks about Prescott much, which is a crying shame, so if you want to get that proper impression of small-town America, with an abundance of history to boot, get yourself there.

Turn The “Page”
Page is a place that has plenty of that atmosphere. If you want a bit of drama, you should head to the most photographed slot canyon in the American southwest, Antelope Canyon. Be careful, it is prone to some extreme danger, especially after flash floods, but as far as an amazing view is concerned, this canyon, formed by wind and water erosion over millions of years, is as picturesque as it comes. Another site in Page, just off route 89, the Horseshoe Bend, is the Colorado River twisting around a 1,000-foot high pedestal. This craggy rock formation is Mother Nature in full force. If you want some tranquillity on your journey through the heartland of America, you should hike up to the top and witness the reflective water rushing around.

Rise Like A Phoenix
We can't talk about Arizona without mentioning Phoenix. While Phoenix is very much a cosmopolitan city, if you want to delve deeper into it, Phoenix provides so many different approaches to nightlife, culture, but most importantly, if you have an artistic approach to existence, Phoenix provides plenty for you. In downtown Phoenix, the first Friday of every month becomes a prime opportunity to see numerous artworks, not just in galleries, but out on the street. It's a perfect introduction to the thriving and diverse are seen that Phoenix posts. But if you're looking for something a little bit more fun and want to let your hair down, the nightlife in Phoenix boasts numerous quite drinking establishments. The Cobra Arcade Bar is the perfect opportunity to down a few cocktails while also playing classic video games. No room for the PlayStation 4 here! Down the signature cocktail, the Krazy Kong, while attempting to get a high score on Donkey Kong!

Arizona is the best bits of America rolled into one neat little package. Try these three areas, and get a true taste for the Copper State.