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Style 101: How to slay street style looks

Ever seen someone walking around with such a cool, individual sense of style? Well, now you can be that person. Here are five tips to help you find your perfect street style vibe because you shouldn't have to blend into the crowd when you can stand out, by Rosa Fairfield.

Photographs by Gareth Dunn


What is Street Style?

I admit, that for a long time I didn't know what street style meant. At first, I thought it meant people who have a super, urban edgy style. Kinda like... baggy jeans with chains. Then I got into Instagram and saw lots of influencers dressed with very fancy outfits calling their style street style. In the end, I did a bit of googling. Apparently, street style mainly comes from British culture of individualism and not following the latest trends. Although, I think now a days, it's more used to describe any outfit a person wears to go about their day to day business.

Be a little rough around the edges
It shouldn't be slick and polished, this isn't a look you'd wear to a high salary office job. So, ruffle up your hair before you leave the house. Forgo ironing that shirt. Don't spend hours standing in front of your closet putting different pieces together. Just wear whatever you first pick out.

Ignore the trends
Street style has lost its meaning a bit, it was intended to be about individualism and not following main fashion culture. All these articles online listing the latest street style trends are kind of taking away the whole point of it. Just work with things that you like the look of.

Look to pop culture for influences 
By this, I mean look at the kind of music you like, the patterns or art you're drawn to... your favourite plant. You love cacti, wear a cacti print skirt. You love The Beatles? Wear a band tee. You love to drink Coca-Cola? Wear some of their merchandise. Think the pop art movement, the same concept can be applied to style.

Mix up vintage and modern pieces 
If you really want to lose that 'on trend' look, buy some pieces from different eras. You can mix bits and bobs up with current pieces so you don't look like you're a living history replica. It doesn't even have to be vintage, you can keep some of your pieces from previous seasons to mix together with new items.

Walk around Soho, London 
Any sort of 'cool'... 'hipster' area with vintage shops seems to attract people who just have amazing street style. Spending a day in such an area can offer you lots of inspiration... plus, you get a real living world view, instead only seeing influencer's style like you tend to get on social media. This can offer all sorts of unique inspiration and you get the whole unfiltered view. You don't even need to be in London, just go to a 'hip' vintage shop.