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Style 101: Top 10 pieces of fashion and styling advice

Styling doesn't just have to be... well, putting on clothing. There's a whole load of nifty tips and tricks out there that the style experts use. Here are my top 10 favourite ones so you can really make the most out of each outfit you wear, by Rosa Fairfield.

Photographs by Linda Smith

Trinny Woodall - 'If you don't suit the main colour of a trend, wear accessories in it'
A lot of people tend to be very picky when it comes to certain colours in their wardrobe. I find that this is a brilliant alternative, if you want to experiment with different trends but don't want to wear something that would make you feel uncomfortable. Thanks Trinny for that tip... I grew up watching What Not To Wear on the BBC and I'm such a fangirl. 

STYLECRAZE - 'Wash your clothes the right way'
There's nothing more distressing than taking your new, perfectly soft, sweater out of the dryer and finding out it's bobbled and feels like an old piece of rag. Make sure you always read the label to keep your clothing in tip-top condition. Also, store it correctly. - 'Get to know a seamstress'
Clothes are not designed to fit your body shape, you have to make them fit to make the most out of them. This doesn't have to mean buying a sewing machine. You can use belts, knot tops and dresses. There are lots of different ways to experiment with. 

ELLE - 'The scrunched blazer sleeve'
Show off your shirt, by revealing a little bit of it by turning over your sleeves. It instantly makes an outfit look a little more creative. Also, it can turn a smart outfit into a smart-causal one.

Bustle - 'Waterproofing shoes'
Some shoes just aren't very waterproof. There have been many occasions wear I've brought some canvas sneakers or ballet flats and ended up stuck in a rainstorm. The result isn't only complete discomfort, but your shoes never seem the same again, they start to feel like a piece of sandpaper at best, at worst they just fall apart. 

Fashionhance - 'Learn different ways to tie a belt'
There are so many different ways to wear a simple belt, let your creativity shine through by finding different ways to style one. 

Vogue - 'Show your shirt tails'
Again, another good idea if you want to make your outfits look visually interesting. Simply wear a mini skirt over a long shirt and leave a section of the shirt poking out. This is a great way to mix layering colours and textures.

liveaboutdotcom - 'If you're petite avoid oversized handbags'
I spent years carry around a ridiculously large bag when I was at school. Everyone laughed at me and for good reason. I looked absously ridiculous struggling to heave around something that was almost the same size as my whole body.

Harper's Bazaar - 'Don't go on extravagant shopping sprees'
Be money savvy, there's no point in having a large closet if you can't afford to pay your rent. This also encourages you to think through every purchase so you don't end up with tons of stuff you'll never use again.

lifehacker - 'Know your sizes if you shop online'
It's best to avoid that whole try on lots and different sizes and send it back ordeal. The only way around this is to know your measurements and check them against the sizes on each size. Be wary, standard sizes can vary greatly between shops.