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How to Throw a Memorable Engagement Party

Few moments are more exciting than your other half sliding an engagement ring onto your finger. However, before you get caught up in planning your wedding day, you should aim to embrace this momentous occasion with your loved ones.

To celebrate the exciting news, you should host a fun engagement party to share your joy with your nearest and dearest. Rather than organizing an event that fails to stand out in your guests’ minds, you should read the following advice on how to throw a memorable engagement party.

Incorporate Your Romantic Story

Weave your romantic story into your engagement party, which will create an attractive focal point and make a great conversation starter. For example, if your other half organized a romantic picnic on the beach for your first date, create a nautical theme that will wow your guests and allow you both to relive the memory during the event. It will make your party both fun and personal.

Entertain Your Guests

While a DJ or a live band can be great, it might lack a little excitement. To inject some fun into your engagement party, why not incorporate inflatable games, a bouncy house or even thrill rides into your event? Fun Crew USA allows you to take your pick from a wide variety of superb party rentals, which will ensure your guests have a brilliant time from start to finish. It’s one party your family and friends will be talking about long after it is over.

Host a Couple’s Costume Party

A couple’s costume party can be another way to add a splash of fun into your romantic event. For example, you could add a unique twist by inviting all guests to attend the party as an iconic couple, such as Mickey and Minnie Mouse, Romeo and Juliet, or Prince William and the Duchess of Cambridge.

Fire Up a BBQ

Rather than hiring caterers to feed your guests, why not stock up on some high-quality meat and fish and fire up a BBQ.You can guarantee your guests will be excited to attend an engagement party filled with mouth-watering burgers, smoked steaks, chargrilled corn and fresh potato salad.

Create Signature Cocktails/Mocktails

Make your guests feel instantly welcome upon arrival by presenting them with a delicious signature cocktail – and you could even coin the name yourself to reflect your relationship with your other half. You also shouldn’t forget to cater to younger guests and designated drivers by providing yummy mocktails too.

A DIY Food Station

Another option is to incorporate a DIY food station into your event. You can guarantee your loved ones will adore being able to customize their own pizzas, ice cream or sandwiches at the event. So, your guests will never need to go hungry, as you can complement all their needs and it will add a casual and unique twist into the event. It is one feature they will be queuing to take advantage of once they arrive at your party.