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The Essential Guide to Adventure - in South America

South America is one of the most diverse places on earth.

Which we know will make it appealing to people just like you...

Because if you’re an imaginative, creative person, you’ll want real adventure - and there’s no better place than this...

Why should you visit South America?

Whether you want to escape to the hills or discover cities and culture, this exciting destination has something to offer.

South America is home to the second highest mountain range - and world class beaches and stunning countryside too. You could visit the Amazon basin, explore the ‘home of salsa’, see unique wildlife or trek through the jungle.

If architecture is your thing, you’ll find fascinating buildings here - and opportunities aplenty to discover ancient civilisations.

Where can you stay?

There are lots of unusual places to stay in South America - from historic haciendas to mountain lodges. And if you’re backpacking or travelling on a budget you’ll find lots of opportunities - including camping.

You could even bring a lightweight hammock to sleep in - South America has plenty of suitable palm trees and beaches. Just make sure you do this in safe locations - where camping is advertised as available - for example. And that there’s secure storage for your belongings - you can’t be too careful when you travel independently.

Couchsurfing is a also an interesting idea - and South American locals are really welcoming and friendly. It’s a great way to see the continent from the perspective of locals - personalized messages to your potential host work best.

The usual rules apply, though, if you’re considering this - be careful, sensible and choose suitable hosts.

Which leads us neatly to other ways to holiday safely here...

Follow sensible safety advice

You do need to follow sensible safety advice when travelling here - but as long as you do so you’ll have a great time. One way to be sure of your personal safety and make the most of your trip is to join an organised tour.

So give that some thought...

Joining an organized tour in South America

We understand, if you’re adventurous, you might want to travel independently - but organized tours have much to recommend them. You can travel with awesome, like minded people - and it’s a fantastic option if it’s your first trip to the region.

It’s also a great way to be sure you make the most of your journey - without the effort that goes into planning your own trip.

If you’re going with your partner there are even couples' South America travel tours available. That can save a lot of arguing on what you see next!

You can choose one that reflects both of your interests quite easily - and no one will fall out about who did what with the map!

So they’re a great choice for first time travellers on this continent - why not check out what’s available if you’ve got the travel bug? In such a diverse destination, you’re bound to find something that fulfils your fantasies. And then enjoy an epic journey you'll never forget.