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"I've finally found the perfect tulle net dress, by Rosa Fairfield."

Photographs by Linda Smith

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The Perfect Tulle Dress

It has been my mission, for the past year, to find the perfect tulle net dress. Today, thanks to VIPme, I finally feel as though I have achieved that goal. This is the exact piece I have been looking for: not completely sheer… just on the arms, a gorgeous midnight blue, beautiful embroidered roses, long but not quiet floor length, subtly grand … I could go on and on. I’ve had it hanging on my closet door for days, just so I can stare at it, in fact I’m looking at it right now, as I write this.

VIPme is the largest online flash sale retailer, where everyone can be a VIP. One thing I love in a retailer, is a large selection of products and VIPme certainly have this. These aren’t just the average items you’d find at your local mall or high-street either, there are some amazing, unique statement pieces. This makes Rosa very happy as, when it comes to fashion, I like something a little different. So, if you like couture, but can’t afford the price tag, I’d recommend visiting this site, where you can find something slightly more interesting, without a huge price-tag.

I could talk for days about quality. Good quality, nice to touch fabric is a must, for me, when choosing any item of clothing. The net is fine and soft, the underlining silky and of a nice thickness, the seams well finished and the embroidery is BEAUTIFUL! I THINK I MAY BE IN LOVE WITH THIS DRESS! Okay, so maybe I’m starting to sound a little too passionate, and well… how dare I say the word, materialistic, but this is how I get when I really love a garment, you know that feeling?

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* Get $5 off orders over $50 with code: SIRosa202

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What's your favourite dress, please leave a comment bellow, I love to hear your thoughts.

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