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"Why butterflies are the fashionistas of the animal world - with my outfit lookbook & behind the scenes video, by Rosa Fairfield"

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Animal Fashionistas

I'm no minimalist, therefore, it is no surprise that I love butterflies. There bold colours and intricate wing patterns, inspire my fashion choices. There are so many different breeds of butterflies, each with a unique pattern and colour combination. To me, they represent individualism, self-expression and grandeur. 

"I'm no minimalist, therefore, 

it is no surprise that I love butterflies."

Butterflies have been used for inspiration through-out the fashion world. The Alexander Mcqueen butterfly dress, that Elizabeth Banks wore in The Hunger Games, will always have a place in my heart. 

The concept of 'blossoming' is also associated with the butterfly, with its transformation from caterpillar. I like the concept; that time, in young adulthood's life, when they grow into themselves and starts to shine, both inside and out. People have told me, throughout the past few years, that I'm the: 'girl looking through the window'. Basically, I'm on the edge of blossoming but not quiet there yet.  I have only recently begun to appreciate this, that life is about a journey, not just the end result. Lately things seem to be falling into place and I am starting to feel comfortable in who I am so maybe I'm almost at that point. 

* Video: click the settings button and change to HD for the best quality

I want to develop my YouTube channel and start to make more regular videos.

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Thank-you for reading. What animal inspires your fashion choices? Please leave a comment bellow, I would love to hear your thoughts.

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