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Bloggers Ball 2016

On Saturday, I attended Bloggers Ball - my first ever blogging event, whoop! I designed and made this dress for the occasion. Inspired by sheer net embroidered Valentino couture, I wanted to create something that was feminine, pretty and delicate. I am a huge fan of custom, one-of-a-kind pieces, knowing you will be the only person to wear a design, made specially for you, is something quite special.

I wasn't sure what to expect... I think I was imagining a large church hall with a summer fate type set up for some reason. In reality, the event was set in DSTRKT, an elite restaurant and lounge. I walked around all the different stalls, set up by various companies, showcasing their brands. I got to know their products and took away lots of freebies. 

One of my firm favourites of the night had to be Scissorpic, the magic mirror photobooth. I went back twice, (being a blogger, I'm a little obsessed with taking pictures *giggles*). You could choose various props, like: feather boas and tiaras, to dress up and the count down meant the occasional, hilarious shocked picture.

I just had so much fun at the event. I love fashion, food, travel and beauty so I really enjoyed the opportunity to learn about new, exciting brands. Plus, it's nice to be surrounded by lots of fabulously dressed people... it was like I fell into Rosa heaven or something. I really need to go to more of these events. No problem, I have Summer Hangout this week. I'll be sure to blog about that event too.

Bellow, is all the wonderful goodies I picked up at the event. A big thank-you to Scarlett London for making it all happen and all the brilliant brands there:

Lipivir, On the Beach, Tessuti, TOAD Diaries, Face Matters, Monin, Fei Liu Fine Jewellery, On the Dot, The Handbag Spa, Luscombe Drinks, El Voyage, Just Beauty Uk, SmoothSkin Gold, Bonprix, Eversfield, Looksgreat, Bravura London, Exuviance, ChrisElli, Bodega, Jewellerybox, Boho Betty, So...?, Jody Bell, El Monet, Seed and Bean, Vatika.

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