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"Taking it back to old Hollywood with Bishop Sleeves and Wrap Tops, by Rosa Fairfield."

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I love to watch old movies, there's a certain type of elegance that stars - such as: Audrey Hepburn and Grace Kelly possessed - which seems so hard to recreate. When this top arrived, which Romwe were so lovely to gift me, It instantly transported me to that era. 

Bishop Sleeves have popped up at a various points throughout recent fashion history, but these paired with the satin, glamorous feel of the top made me think of 30's/40's Hollywood. That, and the fact that this looks a similar style to the wrap blouses of the 50s - which Audrey Hepburn sported on occasion - made me roll with this theme. 

The thing is, the clothes these women wore didn't just make them glamorous. It is never fully about the fashion, but the person wearing the garment... a certain grace, confidence, self-assuredness and kindness all mingled into one. This creates an effortless charm, which is something that has to come from within, something I aspire to possess.

"Wear the clothes, don't let them wear you." 

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Thanks Romwe for collaborating.

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Do you have a favourite Old Hollywood movie star? Please leave a comment bellow, I love to hear your thoughts?

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