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LIFESTYLE: Bob the Baker & Gingerbread


A Holiday View of Bob the Baker

... with seasonal images of my gingerbread cakes 

What those engaged in fashion research and design will find of interest is that Bob the Baker is a charter member of the WWE (WWE = World Wrestling Entertainment, Inc.). And yes, Bob the Baker is a professional chef who specializes in baking some of the most creative types of pastries, cakes and pies – including original creations made to the specific desires of the customer. And when Bob the Baker is not in his kitchen creating his latest culinary masterpiece – he is a professional chef - you can find him in the ring wrestling with some of the sports most noted competitors. He is easily recognizable by fans since he always wears his white apron and is coated with unbleached flour. 

And Bob is also one of the wrestlers who takes delight in competing with those of the opposite sex. Indeed, he met his wife Pat at a wrestling competition. The two of them often have cooking competitions at home. Pat is quite a wrestler and a cook in her own right. She and Bob have had some notable matches – including one when she found herself nearly smothered beneath his apron and flour. On another occasion, she “de-aproned” him and threw him from the ring. Yet, once Bob and Pat leave the ring behind, they could be any stylish couple walking the streets of downtown. I say “stylish” because neither fit the public image of wrestlers. Yes, Bob was once an offensive lineman on his college football team, and Pat still does her two-to-three mile run nearly every morning. 

Pat and Bob also encourage folks to look for Groupons that make it cheaper and easier to obtain WWE products at reduced rates. They recently distributed WWE t-shirts, clothes, baby gear and toys for the kids at the local school. They also told neighbors seeking presents about the price-savings and promotional Groupons currently available for other WWE products and subscriptions. 

 Pat informed some of the ladies in her neighborhood of the pink WWE shirts that young girls might be excited to receive for the holiday. And they invited the parents and to see their upcoming match during the holidays, where Bob surprised and delighted them all with a batch of his special holiday treats. It made a truly enjoyable holiday event.