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FASHION: Jord Luxury Women's Watches

NO. 10

Tis the season for looking good

"Why I'm embracing a love affair with watches, with pictures of my brand new JORD wood watch." Photographs by Linda Smith 

My love affair with watches began when I started seeing so many luxurious images on Instagram (see, even influencers can be influenced haha).

To me they sum up a luxury, glamorous lifestyle and they are very useful - as I found out the other day when I left my phone at home but could rely on my watch for finding out the time. Also, I have to say that wearing a watch makes me feel like I'm actually an adult (like drinking coffee... not that I drink coffee.)

This is such a unique watch by JORD. I love that it's made out of wood, so is a little quirky, but still has the style of a luxe watch. It is also a great women's watch as its feminine without being too girly... long gone are my days of wearing a Groovy Chick watch.

These wood watches make wonderful gifts... but why not treat yourself this holiday season? Although it's lovely to receive gifts, there is nothing more satisfying than treating yourself to a special something with the money you have worked hard to earn.

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