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Fashion: Online Shopping Safety

NO. 8

Online Shopping Safety

My tips for staying safe, whilst shopping online over the holiday season...

Photography by Linda and David Smith

I love online shopping, there is so much more variety and you don't even have to leave the comfort of your home. Unfortunately, it doesn't come without a risk. My friend recently had her bank account frozen because it had been hacked, whilst she was online shopping. 

Also, I purchased some plates online the other day and they turned out to be doorknobs when they arrived. Kind of by fault because I didn't read the description, but they looked like plates in the image. This shouldn't put you off online shopping, just follow my tips.

Have a separate card
It is best to have a different card to purchase things online with, that way you aren't in such a tricky situation if the card is hacked.

Always read the description
Everything isn't always what it seems in an image, you see what you want to see. It is always best to double check the description so you know exactly what you are buying.

Check the sizing guide
I always have an up-to-date list of my measurements and I check the sizing guide on each site to compare my measurements with. Sizes vary so much between brands.

Check the material
Again, you can't be one hundred per cent sure, of this, from looking at an image. Read the full description so you know what type and quality of fabric you can expect.

Know the returns policy 
Sometimes, clothing doesn't fit and you don't have the convenience of trying it on first. Check how long you have to return the item, how you can do it, and how much postage will cost so you aren't paying more than you expected.

Be aware of customs and VAT charges
If you order something overseas these extra charges will apply if the item is worth over a certain amount.

Dispatch times
Some websites have different/longer dispatch times for certain items - add this on to the shipping time so you can estimate how long the item will take to arrive - always good if it's for a present or an occasion.

Thank-you for reading, what are your tips for shopping online? Please leave a comment bellow.

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