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Oxford Fashion Week Runway Shows

Designer Caterina Schmitt has created a new sizing system for transgender women with her brand: Kraken. The collection will showcase at Oxford Fashion Week, Friday 21st Oct 2016.

"Kraken is thrilled by the invitation to join Oxford Fashion Week! It'll be our third showcase of the season, feels like a record breaking response" - Caterina Schmitt.

Photographs by Pedro Antunes, provided by Oxford Fashion Studio.

The sizing system, called "K" sizes, is a response to the increasing number of transgender women, a rapidly growing audience of Caterina Schmitt’s London based label: Kraken. There is a real need for this, as many of these women find it difficult to find well-fitting clothing. The label will still be providing regular ready-to-wear womenswear, alongside the new sizes, which aim to bring fashion to anyone that identifies as a women.

Caterina Schmitt announces her brand is:

“The first brand in the world to embrace all shades of womanhood.”

The new sizes could help us move towards complete acceptance of the transgender community. The 2011 National Transgender Discrimination Survey shows 41% (2,644 of 6,450) of transgender participants had made suicide attempts because of prejudice. Therefore, acceptance could not come at a greater time.

The world is changing, in regards to gender identity, and fashion is responding to that. We are seeing a move towards unisex clothing in runway shows, with one show for both sexes. (Although, unisex clothing looks more masculine than feminine). This is one response to gender inequality, and who knows maybe in the future everyone will be classed as just one gender?

Oxford Fashion Week runs from 17th - 21st October 2016, for more information and tickets visit: 

For more information on the designer and to shop the collection, visit:

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