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"Sharing my love of the colour blush, by Rosa Fairfield"

Photographs by Linda Smith.

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AW16, has seen a reoccurrence of the colour blush, which has to be my favourite shade of pink. Perfect with its rose shade and pastel tone. The 'all blush' look is one that has appeared a lot lately, creating a monochrome effect with different shades of the colour. Blush is great to wear like this, as it a fairly neutral, perfect for an Autumn colour palette.

Blush is a colour that compliments all skin complexions. As well as the all blush look, the colour is great to mix with other neutrals, such as: beige, cream, white and black. This is perfect if you're styling a Girl Boss look.

"I particularly like the colour as it is understated and feminine without being cutsy."

I particularly like the colour as it is understated and feminine without being cutesy, which you find with most shades of pink. I also favour pinks with a red tone, opposed to a purple one. I find them more pleasing on the eye. 

I'm loving these shoes right now, they are so comfortable and well made. Simple, with a few sparkles for a little glamour and jazz. They're both sturdy and supple at the same time and fit my feet well. I  always have a few pairs of flats in my shoe collection, for those days where I have to do lots of walking. 

Thanks, Elegant Rae for the collaboration.

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