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"Golf, an outdoor gym & some very cool active wear, by Rosa Fairfield"

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Feeling Active - w/ Elegant Rae

A few weeks ago, I was excited to receive a parcel from Elegant Rae. It contained: three tees, a dress and a pair of jewelled shoes. This is the basic outfit package, called: "The Unboxing Package", from the new brand - created by designer Patrick Hill. I am passionate about this piece, as I am always keen to support start-up projects, as I've had many of my own over the years.

I love the dress, as it is so versatile. You could create anything, from a slightly edgy street look to a glam casual day look. I opted for a golf theme. I've been playing golf for around a year now and have been searching for a cute, slightly preppy outfit to wear on the golf course. This fitted my specifications perfectly, and the stretchy fabric makes it perfect to play sport in.

"I must mention the detailing, I love the pearlescent, jacquard patterned fabric used for this - which incidentally fits nicely into the AW16 trend. "

The tees are great, this one has a slightly dance-class vibe so is perfect to wear for the gym or a fitness class. The quality is great and the fabric feels great to touch.

Elegant Rae have more products to come, with the "Elegance Inspired" package - including cocktail  dresses and heels. I don't know about you, but I'm certainly very excited about this.

- Also, don't miss part 2 of this post, with the jewelled shoes, coming soon.

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Thanks Elegant Rae for collaborating.

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