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Style: How to wear a butterfly print outfit

Butterfly prints were big in the 90s but we've seen them gradually fly into our shops again. So, here's some tips on how to style this fun print. You'll look so fabulous you'll feel like spreading your wings to show off your cool look, by Rosa Fairfield.

Photographs by David Smith

Okay, but first we have to play spot the difference or in this case spot the mistake. I've just realised that I left the price on my shoes and you can see it in one of the pictures, *embarrassed monkey face*.

Think about colours
Whenever I think of butterflies, my mind jumps to the blue morpho and the monarch butterfly. (A.K.A blue and orange colours.) They're contrasting colours so make for a bold outfit. But, yeah, one of main things you associate with butterflies is their colours so you can think about this when styling an outfit.

Another thing to think about is: the type of design you want to choose. Butterfly prints come in all different styles from ones that look cartoon like to ones that look so realistic you start to think an actual butterfly has landed on you. Hey, that will happen if you go to a butterfly farm. Yes, those places do exist. Don't worry, it's not that type of farm.

Mixing different animal prints
I love this two-piece outfit from Romwe because of the contrasting prints. They've put the butterfly design on top of a subtle leopard print. Even if you haven't got two prints for the price of one, on your outfit, you can style it up yourself. Try mixing together different animal prints. Maybe even some zebra print pants with a butterfly top. You are the safari, baby.

Have fun with stickers and temporary tattoos
Yes, I stuck stickers to my face. I'm sorry mom, I know that's probably bad for my skin. That's the great thing about butterfly prints, though. It's such a creative design that you can give yourself permission to have fun with it. You can get temporary butterfly tattoos or you can try to have some fun with face paint. If you aren't a budding artist, don't worry, just get some stencils.

How can you make it your own?
That's what personal style is all about, making it your own. If your style is pretty gothic, you're probably not going to want to wear a brightly coloured butterfly print. But, yeah, there's always a way to make something your own, especially with all the shopping variety we have online these days. You can get most prints in lots of different styles, from glam to gothic. (I've been saying 'but, yeah' a lot lately, I think it's my new thing).

Think about accessories
Whether it's cute 90s butterfly hair clips or a tattoo of a skull with butterfly eyes. Accessories can pull the whole outfit together or add in that little extra something. They're even great for someone who wants to add some butterfly to their look without going overboard with the prints (like I do).


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