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Style 101: How to style a fun fashion headdress

Headdresses. Should they be saved for the carnival or can you wear them casually? Well, here at Oh! Ducky Darling, we say yes to both. Here are five tips to help you style a headdress because style should be both fun and fabulous, by Rosa Fairfield.

Photographs by Linda and David Smith

Look to the Met Gala 
The Met Gala has some really great headdress inspiration... and great dress inspiration... great outfit inspiration. Okay, I admit it, I spend a lot of time lusting after those outfits celebs wear at the Met Gala. Can I have an invite please? But, yeah, if you're looking to make a fashion statement, at an event, that's the place to start searching. Headdresses are costume pieces so think of your outfit as a costume. What message and aesthetic are you trying to communicate?

You can go casual 
Headdresses don't just have to be reserved for fancy fashion events or festivals, you can wear them casually too. You can make them seem like a perfectly normal part of the outfit, if you match them to your outfit theme. With this look I've gone for butterflies. You can wear: a floral headdress with a floral skirt, feathers with a boho look or a golden number with a simple floaty outfit.

Also, if you keep the rest of your outfit casual, it makes the whole outfit look casual, headdress included.

Think vintage 
Let's go back in time, aye? Put your seatbelt on first, this time machine isn't insured for accidents. Right, open the door and welcome to the 1920s.

Flappers are associated with wearing fun headpieces. So, if you're really stuck for ideas, you can look for vintage inspiration. You can take a retro look and style it up, to make it seem modern. I mean, that is the whole basis of fashion. Trends come back around and all that jazz.

Get arty
Headdress are great if you want to style a photoshoot. Just take a look around Pinterest and you'll find some amazing photography of people wearing cool headdresses. They look visually interesting and allow for some symbolism. Oh, look at mean going all art student on you.

What other ways can you wear it?
If you want to think outside the box, make a list of all the different ways you can wear a headdress. Can you wear it in a different way on your head, or even as a necklace, or a belt? Ok, I probably sound like I'm making no sense right now but hear me out. Finding new, creative, ways to wear things is both great for creating artistic photography but also helps you to get as much wear as you can out of something.

So, there we have it, now you know how to style that headdress of yours. If all else fails you have a simple outfit idea for the next time you get invited to a costume party. No more running around looking flustered at the last minute for you.


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