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Beauty: How to combat dark circles under the eyes with Wake Skincare

Having problems with dark circles under your eyes? Not to worry, Wake eye gel is here to help you combat that pesky problem. It even has a side order of antioxidants to help reduce those first signs of premature ageing.

Words and Graphics by Rosa Fairfield

Eyes. They're that area of your face that people always seem to focus on. If you've had a bad night's sleep, it's almost guaranteed someone will point it out, just by looking at your tired puffy eyes. The same goes for if you're ill. And, as we get older, we'll start to see those first signs of ageing around our eyes. But, what can we do about it?

Well, that's where eye creams come in. Although there's no miracle cure that will turn us into flawless looking barbie dolls (and let's all celebrate because that would be freaky), they can help boost the appearance of that under eye area.

Wake Eye Gel can be used to combat dark circles. It hydrates and has those famed antioxidants that can help reduce ageing. (Well, those fine lines around the eyes at least, it can't take you back in time to your sixth birthday unfortunately).

I don't know about you, but my eyes definitely need all the TLC they can get. I spend way too long staring at my computer screen. Not to mention, I always seem to get pretty noticeable dark circles. Half the time, I'm worried people will start to think I'm a vampire with my dark eyes and pale skin. Nope, I don't want to suck your blood. I'm so squeamish.

The gel is pretty easy to apply, it comes in a light weight formula so you can smooth it across your skin without any effort. It's recommend that you put it on your finger first and rub it in, then apply to your eyes with circular motions. It's relaxing, you're meant to use it morning and evening but it's especially great for a night of pampering. You can enjoy it sinking in, with a pleasant cooling feeling the aloe vera brings.

This eye gel isn't tested on animals (always a good thing, let's not harm our animal friends). And, it comes in a glass bottle so it's helping to reduce plastic waste. The great thing about the glass container is: when you've finished with the eye-cream, you turn it into a cute vase or even store something else in there.

My dark circles have seemed less noticeable since I've been using the gel and my under eye area is less puffy. You have to use it for a week or so before you start noticing a difference but it does really help. It also acts as a great primer if you wear make-up. It adds moister to the eye area, so you can easily slide your foundation across the top without worrying about having a cakey finish.

You can buy the Wake Skincare eye gel on Amazon (got to make sure you get that prime delivery), or through their website. It's a mid-range priced eye care gel, not so expensive it breaks the bank but you know you're getting a decent product. So, if you want to give your eyes some extra loving, this one's for you.