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Self-Help: How to create a great online dating profile for finding a relationship

Looking for love? In a world where we're always connected via smartphone, more and more of us are turning to online dating to find our match. But, how can we stop swiping and find someone to be serious with? Here's some tips to get your online dating profile ready to meet that special someone, by Rosa Fairfield.

Who do you want to attract?
It's easy to fall into the habit of posting pictures because, well, they're the ones that you think you look best in. But, we completely forget what message we're putting across. If you're looking super serious in all your dating pictures, you might get a bunch of likes from people who like to take life seriously. If you're actually a fun loving person that just doesn't like their smile, that's not going to help you find a compatible match.

So, think about communicating your personality through your pictures. Also, don't just do that thing where people follow the formula of posting a selfie, a travel picture, a picture with friends etc. That's great if it does show off who you are. But, if the travel picture is actually from that one holiday you've taken in the last ten years, you're not helping your chances of finding a compatible match.

Make an approachable bio
You want to make yourself sound like a person people want to talk to. So sound welcoming and have a positive dating profile. Say a bit about who you are and what you like and then add in some kind of: looking forward to getting to know you. Only, make it sound less like your signing an email to your boss.

Show off your quirks 
If you feel like your don't look like the best person out there in your photographs, use them to show off your unique personality instead. Think about any interesting hobbies you have that might stand out. if you like knitting, you could have a picture of you knitting something. So, if your face isn't one that stands out in a crowd, you've still got a reason to peak someone's interest.

Say your looking for a relationship 
Yeah, not everyone on dating apps is looking for a relationship. If you know this is something you definitely want, it's worth making sure the person knows this up front. It'll save heartache down the line. You don't want to start to feel attached to someone only for them to announce they're just looking for something casual. Some dating sites/apps allow to to select what type of encounter you're looking for. You can also add a quick note into your profile. You don't need to be harsh about it by telling people to stay away if they want a hookup. Just give a friendly line about how you feel ready for a relationship.


Use recent pictures 
Make sure your online dating profile pictures are recent. Sometimes, this isn't even done on purpose. It's easy to forget to update your photographs when you've changed hairstyle or grown a beard. But, people can feel like you've lied to them if your photographs don't match up to what you currently look like.

Give people a fair chance 
Remember that a few pictures, a profile or even a first date can't give you a full idea of who a person is so give someone a chance. It's easy to jump to conclusions early on but you could miss out on a great match if you're too quick to turn people down. So, slow down the swiping and let the conversation develop.