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Style 101: The personal style advice I'd give my younger self

Well, everyone is always saying life is a journey. And, nope, that isn't just a cheesy line, it holds true and makes perfect sense when it comes to style. Even if you're not a budding fashionista, there's probably a few tips you'd like to share with your younger self, here's mine, by Rosa Fairfield.

Photographs by David Smith

Be proud of your personal style 
You should always dress in a way that makes you happy. That's something I truly believe in and a message I hope this blog encourages. Nothing in life is guaranteed, we just have to be ourselves and like that person. Hey, life is so much easier if you're your own friend. And, yep, that's something I wish my younger self knew.

I spent a whole lot of my early teens wanting to wear colourful clothing but also feeling embarrassed by it because no one else around me wanted to dress like that. Now, I wear what I want to. Yep, I've had some people stay clear of me for that reason and I've also had people friend me because of my style. But, regardless of opinions, I feel comfortable with who I am and that makes me happy.

Stop checking your hair in the mirror 24/7
I always used to carry a mirror around with me and I'd find myself checking my hair 24/7. That isn't just a me thing either, I've met a fair few people who have the same habit. You know what? It's a complete waste of energy. Unless you use a whole can of hairspray, your hair isn't going to finish the day as it started. That's definitely true if it's windy outside. But, it's not the end of the world. All my mirror checks achieved was anxiety and lots of wasted time.

You don't have to wear trousers
It feels like most people wear trousers these days because they're meant to be comfortable and practical. Yeah, I find trousers incredibly uncomfortable. They rub against my legs and make me feel hot and sticky, *shivers*. When I was younger, I used to force myself to wear and like trousers to fit in. But now, apart from the occasional pair of mom jeans or jogging bottoms, I tend to wear skirts and dresses. And, that works out just great. Comfort is a personal thing and what's comfortable for someone else might not work for you. So, find what feels good and roll with it.

Visit independent shops 
Over the last few years, I've started shopping via online companies and vintage shops. It's given my closet a whole added sundae of fun. Course, that was a whole lot more tricky to do a few years back before online shopping became so big. But, the message remains, shop around.

Carry a spare pair of shoes
I used to spend all day walking around in heels and by the time I was home, I'd find my feet were caked in blood. Not a pretty picture, I know. Now, if I want to wear heels, I'll slip a pair of ballet flats into my bag so I can change into them if I feel like my feet are about to drop off.

So, there you have it, there's definitely a few pieces of style wisdom I've picked up through the years and hopefully they'll benefit you too, Ducky Darlings. *Wink*