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Style & Fashion: The perfect bridesmaid dresses for a winter wedding

When you think of bridesmaid dresses, your mind probably jumps to light colours and pretty designs but they don't have to be, you could give your day an interesting twist by adding a spot of burgundy into your special occasion. It's the perfect option for a winter wedding and, here at Oh! Ducky Darling, we're going to give you the lowdown on our favourite burgundy bridesmaid dresses, by Rosa Fairfield. 


A little modesty goes a long way
This little reserved number would look great at a more traditional wedding. The colour would be perfect for a winter wedding, with matching burgundy decorations and a blanket of snow. It accentuates the waist and has a following skirt, adding to a relaxed and effortless vibe.

It's a mesh world out there 
Mesh tops, decorated with embroidery, add some decadence to an occasion. This would look perfect for a slightly grander event with lots of trinkets and detailed gold decorations. You could add to the whole effect with accessories and complicated up-dos. This dress would also look great on all body shapes.

Satin you good to see me
This one is a little bit more unconventional, it's simple and stylish, it would look great if you're looking for a wedding that breaks from tradition. You could have half your bridesmaids wearing this dress and the other half wearing suits (I clearly missed my life's calling as a wedding planner). It's a great dress because it's elegant but has a free-following shape. You can find this dress and more at

All that glitters isn't always burgundy
This dress is almost an optical illusion, from a distance, it looks like the top part is sparkly, but close-up you realise it's an intricate lace pattern. That's great if you want to give your guests a bit of a brainteaser. It's good to keep the mind active and all that. This one has a beautiful cut, the low neckline perfectly shows off the model's figure without being revealing, you can see the difference it makes by looking at the dress next to it. The leg stilt adds the glamour but I'd also like to point out that it's practical too, as it stops the dress wrapping around your feet as you walk.


Lace me up baby 
This one makes me think of Romeo & Juliet so if you're really into Shakespeare, because you're an actor or something, you could roll with the theme. The top is unusual, with the simple but body hugging v-shaped neckline and lace detailing, it cuts a quirky shape. There are definitely a lot of classic romantic vibes here.

If your bridesmaids are supermodels 
I mean this dress is stunning, well, stunning if you look like a supermodel. I could see the bridesmaids wearing this at the wedding of a catwalk goddess, whose friends are all in the same industry. The top is the perfect shape for showing off a little cleavage and the puckered skirt keeps the dress girly and feminine.