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Style & Fashion: The best bridesmaid dresses for a spring wedding

With cherry blossom, warmer days and pastel colours spring could be the perfect time of year to tie the knot. If you're going for a feminine/romantic feel for your wedding day the season will not disappoint with it's penchant for ruffles and florals, no need to worry about bridesmaid dresses, we've got you covered, by Rosa Fairfield.

Blue With Some Leg
This little number would look great on tall girls, it's long slim fit length with the leg slit make it perfect for a gal to flaunt her height. The shape of the dress would also be great for someone who has an inverted triangle body shape, as it accentuates the top and waist but has a slim line on the skirt. The baby blue colour also adds a soft, romantic feminine feel to a special occasion.

Pink With All The Ruffles 
The darker colour of this one is more bold, it still has the romantic feel with the ruffles but the deeper colour says less 'princess' and more 'independent woman that's not scared to express her feminine side'. I think this one could work well with darker coloured hair... and it would be important to think about your skin tone when deciding if this is your pick... if your skin tone is too close to the colour of the dress, instead of popping it might just look meh.

Pink And Simple 
I could see this one being cute on someone petite... I'd also be interested to see how it looks on someone with a more curvy figure (maybe a pear shape, as the top is very slim fitting). The dress is so rectangular in shape, that I think it be be a bit blocky on someone with a rectangular figure. This dress screams (or quietly whispers) simple and modern. This is a great style from bm bridal if you don't want your big day to come across as super OTT.

Floating Away In Blue Land
This one is the only real one of the dresses that has a more floaty loose fitting skirt, perfect if you're having a large wedding buffet and your bridesmaids don't want to wear shape-wear. The high neckline and tight fitting top is perfect for showing off your figure without making anything too revealing.

Pink And Some Leg 
You could just picture this jaw-dropping number coloured red on the body of an actress strutting around in Hollywood's heyday. The subtle pink colour makes it less glamour diva and more pretty bridesmaid... because you wouldn't want your bridesmaids to steal your thunder on your big day... or you might if you hate the attention.

A Scoop On Top
The peach tone of this dress makes it girly without being too girly... if you get my drift. The scoop neck adds some interest without being too OTT and the ruffle on the skirt hides the belly area if you're a bit self-conscious... because most of us have those self-conscious days as much as we might not like to admit it.