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Self-Help: Does modern society put too much pressure on perfection?

Does modern life hold us to an impossible standard? You have to have the perfect body and a successful career. Don't forget the endless swiping until you find the best dating match. Then there's accidentally saying something that upsets someone on social media, it can cause you lose your job. And, if you don't look perfect, it reduces your prospects in life. But, what's the alternative? Unless all of us abandon these impossible expectations, the norm can't change, by Rosa Fairfield.

I don't know about you, but I'm exhausted by all this rubbish. Lately, I've found myself avoiding social media, becoming reluctant to listen to the radio and even not bothering to make new friends. The sad thing is, it's made me happier. I feel like I can just be myself and relax a bit because, gasp for breath, I'll be the first to admit that I'm definitely not perfect.

I don't workout everyday.

My room is a mess.

I have acne and stretch marks.

I'm an extremely fuzzy eater.

This post may have typos.

Sometimes, I'm super moody.

And, I'm human.

Just like you're human.

That means I make mistakes. That means I have qualities that some people may find annoying. That means I fail at things sometimes.

So, what should I do?

Should I post a bunch of photos without make-up? Should I shave my head? Should I announce I'm quitting social media and encourage others to do the same?

Oh wait a second?

Isn't that exactly the same thing?

Isn'y that still trying to show an ideal?

Sometimes, it feels like everything has to be taken to an extreme. Each prank video has to be a little bit more dangerous than the last. Your photographs have to be better quality than that other persons'. That article titled: the effects of blueberries on your health, won't be noticed. It has to become: blueberries will kill you if you eat them so avoid them at all costs. The world has become so dog eat dog, you have to go to extremes, take things to the next level to get noticed. It drips into our subconscious, though, and morphs us into little balls of nervousness. We become people who run to the shop, to buy a bunch of skin care products, whenever we see a spot.

But how do we fix that? How do we truly go our own way without having to fit into a category?

And the biggest question of all: does any of this even matter?

Maybe I'm speaking some sense and change needs to happen, or maybe I'm just a girl who's having an extertensional (how do you even spell that it's a difficult word), crisis at 4am because she's had too much caffeine.


And here are some products, which I earn commission for because despite all the stuff I've just said, I need to earn money somehow. Unfortunately food and stuff doesn't magically appear, you have to buy it. Being an adult = hard.