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Style and Fashion: Cheap Prom Dress Ideas

Prom... it can be expensive. Especially these days... when we seem to be having a prom for every age group in some areas. I know people who've ended up attending multiple proms and the costs can really get out of hand. Here are some cheap prom dresses for cost effective special day with, by Rosa Fairfield. 

I think there should be a disclaimer here that when I say cheap, these are still around £100 but if you're going to buy an 'official' type prom dress this price is towards the lower end. Unless you just buy a regular party dress from a department store, which is also a completely valid option.

You Sparkle Like Emeralds
This actually reminds me of my prom dress, it was emerald with a gem flower pattern on it. I really like the cut on this, it's something a bit different and the dress has a great structure to it. Green can look great with rustic gold accessories and eye shadow.

Purple Flowers, Purple Flowers
This was me trying to make a reference to the song Purple Rain and failing. Green and purple does make for a great colour combo though. This one's a little less on the structured side and the style of it might not suit everyone. I'd describe this as a statement dress, if you're looking for something a bit more flashy.

All The Ruffles
I haven't seen a prom dress quite like this before, which is what drew me to it. It's a great style if you have an evenly proportioned figure. The ruffles on the bottom make this fun and add in the wow factor to what would have otherwise been a pretty ordinary dress. Again, I'd probably recommend keeping it simple, maybe adding in a cute choker.

The Princess and the Flowers 
Again, this one is a statement dress and has that flashy feel to it. It's pretty and cute but also could look kinda hot. Your date probably won't be complaining.

Moody and Glam 
Again, if you're going for hot... then this dress is deffo for you. This says I'm glam but you can't have me... or maybe that's just what the model is thinking in this photograph. The slit in the dress just further adds to the whole effect. Wear it with platform heels and some cool earrings.

Hi, I'm Very Cute
This one is basically the opposite of the last two, it's very cute and prim and proper. The added bling gives it a bit of sparkle and the mix of colours and fabric work really nicely together. It's young... it's pretty and it's innocent. This all really depends on what kind of vibe you're after.

You came, you saw and you read. Now it's time for you to leave a comment bellow or go and buy a dress. I'd recommend both of those options.