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Style and Fashion: How to find the perfect evening dress

If you're looking for pretty prom dresses or elegant evening wear, then look no further. Here is my low down on some of my favourite prom dresses. Whether you're looking for classic charm or something with an unusual boho twist Suzhoudress UK have you covered, by Rosa Fairfield. 

White & Blue Dress
Both the mix of colours and simplicity make this dress an interesting option. It looks pretty without being too flashy but at the same time it doesn't just blend in with the background. I could imagine this little number fitting well with a 'flowers in the hair', slight bohemian vibe.

Off-White Sparkles Dress
This one feels like it gives off a Grace Kelly, Old Hollywood aura. It has some bling but it's subtly done so it comes across as sophisticated rather than tacky. The strapless effect means it would look great either with short hair or a stylish up-do. You could even add to the effect by adding a chunky statement necklace.

Peach Bling Dress
Another interesting number, for some reason, when I look at this one, I imagine Esmerelda from Hunchback of Notre Dame. It could work well with long flowing hair. You could even stand out from the crowd by wearing some pretty flat sandals to mix things up from the classic 'heels' look.

Pretty in Baby Pink Dress
This one is just pure beauty. It's probably not your thing if you like quirky dresses but this is perfect for creating that classic pretty-yet-sophisticated look. I think simple works best with a style like this. Minimal jewellery and a simple hairstyle... pair of shoes etc. It makes me think of Audrey Hepburn in Roman Holiday.

Exotic Satin Dress
This one on the other hand is a little bit different. It has a kind of sultry feel to it, whilst still being sophisticated and pretty. I think it's quite versatile, depending on how you accessories this the dress could create lots of different styles.

Blue Princess Dress 
I feel like this one is very Disney Cinderella. It's very visually interesting. The puffy sleeves and floaty feel makes the dress seem a little unusual. If you'd like to stand out from the crowd, I'd deffo recommend giving this dress a shot.

Pretty in Hot Pink Dress
The corset style bodice gives this dress a great structure, perfect if you want to show off your figure. The flower detailing is a little quirky and modern. As nice as a classic style can be, something like this is more fun and can make a person seem... I don't know? Approachable? I'm not sure if that makes any sense? It also has a young feel if you're searching for prom dresses uk.

Is it Blue is it Pink Dress
This is similar to the hot pink dress in the sense that it's modern and a little quirky. This one is probably a bit more out there than the pink dress. I think you'd have to be careful to style your hair and accessories in a way that comes across as sophisticated, as I think this dress has a chance of coming off as childish to some people